Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight: Tutorspree

A tutor is defined as ‘a person charged with the instruction and guidance of another’. The Rackspace Startup Program is a group of Cloud Computing professionals charged with providing instruction and guidance for entrepreneurs and their startups. Keeping students focused, engaged and motivated to learn, while connecting them with teachers and grad students who can ignite the learning spark within, Tutorspree is a marketplace for tutoring.

The idea came out of a series of conversations between Co-founders Aaron Harris and Josh Abrams about how they had to find tutors growing up. “The idea behind Tutorspree goes all the way back to high school. Back then, finding a tutor was largely driven by randomness and word of mouth. We realized how inefficient and messed up the system is and started talking to parents, tutors, and students to find out what their problems were. Those conversations started fleshing out what Tutorspree had to be,” explains Harris.

Tutorspree was born in New York City and moved to California to join the YCombinator Class of 2011. Tutorspree has launched and the team is now up and running and back in NYC. “I love New York City. I grew up 10 miles away. I left for college and came back. I left for YC and came back to build Tutorspree with Ryan (Bednar, Co-founder) and Josh. I came back because I honestly believe that this is the best place for us to build our company,” continues Harris.

Co-founder Josh Abrams goes on to say, “We fundamentally want to fix a large and broken piece of the education system. Students and their parents are spending billions of dollars a year on tutoring, and they’re not getting nearly the amount of value from it that they should. If we can find a way to make that better, we’ll have done something really meaningful and helped a lot of people in the process.”

“We’re pushing Tutorspree forward as fast as we possibly can. We’re talking to our users to understand what we can do to make the product work better for them, and building those pieces as fast as we can. Doing what we do best faster, better, and at a larger scale. We’re actively building on our already amazing team since we know that we’re going to need everything we have and more to solve this large of a problem,” concludes Abrams.

Fixing the problems parents have finding great private tutors and the problems great tutors have finding good clients is what Tutorspree is all about. Instructing and guiding others to greatness is what tutoring is all about. Is your startup in need of a little instruction and guidance? Is your entrepreneurial venture in need of a Cloud Computing solution to launch? The journey is just beginning and the Rackspace Startup Program is here to assist you and your team in providing instruction, guidance and world-class Cloud Computing for your startup. Connect with the Space Cowboys today!

John McKenna loves startups and is a Space Cowboy with the Rackspace Startup Program. He also crafts customer stories and produces really cool videos for the Customer Reference Program. John enjoys telling stories through his writings…and loves the beach, the ranch, his dog Blue and most of all his three beautiful daughters.


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