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Happy November Rackers! Now that we are approaching Thanksgiving it is time to think about what we are grateful for and how we can help others in the San Antonio Community. Inner City Development’s Thanksgiving 365 program was created to do just that. The program raises money to stock their emergency food pantry for families in crisis, 365 days a year. Annually, they serve an average of 145,000 meals per year and an average of 220 households per month.

Inner City Development is hoping to raise $30,000 to help feed those in need throughout the year.  To reach this goal they are asking volunteers to fast in the lead up to Thanksgiving.  Each person taking part in this program is committing to raise $1,000 during November 3rd – 17th.  Once they raise the $1,000 they stop fasting, how long it takes depends on how generously people give!

Four of our own, Ryan Haug, Larry “Sugarbear” Reyes, Casey Casseb, and Meg Breslin will begin their fast tomorrow and need our help to reach their goal, preferably ASAP! You can donate any amount, by writing a check and delivering it personally to the faster, write a check with the faster’s name and send directly to Inner City Development, or donate through this PayPal account. Also, if you would like to participate in the fast E-mail Ryan Haug and he will help you get signed up!

Remember, hunger is not a Thanksgiving issue: it is an issue 365 days a year.

Below you will find the address to Inner City Development and an interview with Ryan describing the program!

Inner City Development

1300 Chihuahua St, San Antonio, Texas 78207


Interview with Ryan:

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