Rackspace Taps Henry Sauer To Lead HR

Rackspace has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best places to work in the U.S., and keeping it that way makes leading HR at the company a daunting and critical job. Employees, known as Rackers, are expected to deliver Fanatical Support not only to customers, but also to their colleagues. Fostering a culture of employee engagement is imperative, because it is Rackspace’s human capital that fuels its exceptional customer service.

When the need arose for a new head of HR, Rackspace kicked off a quest to find someone who makes service and support of our most valuable resource their mission; someone who would preserve and enhance the company’s culture amid rapid growth. A nationwide search for candidates was undertaken, as is Rackspace policy for high-level positions, and a host of impressive HR professionals were interviewed over a period of several months. But the search ended close to home, when the best person for the job was found right at Rackspace.

Henry Sauer has been named Rackspace’s vice president of human resources. Sauer has led the HR team on an interim basis for the last seven months, and has made a deep impact through improvements and simplifications in the HR organization, and by creating an environment where Rackers can flourish and uphold the company’s core values. He has been a stalwart member of the Rackspace team since 2004.

As vice president of HR, Sauer is responsible for all U.S.-based HR operations for Rackspace, including recruiting, Racker training and development, and compensation.

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