Rackspace Training Gets Virginia Tech Pumped For OpenStack

Rackspace Training for OpenStack headed to Virginia Tech recently to give a crew of Hokies a hands-on experience with OpenStack and the cloud.

The four-day OpenStack Fundamentals course gave more than 20 students the opportunity to interact and use their own cloud in a hands-on lab environment. It’s a true real-world experience during which students can touch and feel the cloud.

“We want these students to be exposed to OpenStack in a way so that when they are thinking about cloud bases solutions they think of OpenStack first. And when they think of OpenStack they think of Rackspace as a partner who can help them with it,” said Rackspace Trainer Scott Purcell.

Overall, the goal of Rackspace Training for OpenStack is to get students familiar, excited and pumped up about OpenStack. Armed with the knowledge of the ins and outs of OpenStack, students will have great employment opportunities in the future and can fill the current talent gap in the number of cloud experts.

Virginia Tech was the first of four stops on Rackspace Training for OpenStack’s current lineup of university sessions. Other upcoming sessions include:

  • University of the Incarnate Word; October 28 through October 31
  • University of Texas at Austin; November 4 through November 7
  • Oregon State University; November 11 through November 14

Classes run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. local time.

If your college, university or research organization is interested in learning the ins and outs of OpenStack, please get in touch with the training@rackspace.com. We plan to add more seminars in coming months.

Want to get to know the instructors a little better? Meet instructors Scott Purcell and Chad Miller. Interested in learning more about Rackspace Training for OpenStack? Check out our newly expanded offerings.

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