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Rackspace UK Ranks 6th, Achieves Master Status For Best Workplaces

As Rackers, we often don’t need to be reminded that we’re part of something special. We live it and breathe it every day. At Rackspace, there’s an energy, an electricity in the air. It’s palpable.

That said, it sure feels great to be recognised for what we do and how we do it. This week, Rackspace UK placed sixth on the Great Place To Work Institute’s UK’s Best Workplaces list (we were recognised in the large category of companies with 500-plus employees). And while that recognition was enough to elate us all; we also achieved Master Status, which is awarded to companies that have been on the list for 10 consecutive years. Rackspace is just the fourth organisation to achieve Master Status.

This award is a phenomenal achievement and a testament to the hard work that Rackers put in each and every day to make Rackspace a great company – it wouldn’t be possible without all of the amazing Rackers. Our appearance on the list for a decade is a high honour and says a great deal about our company and the people in it. We are all very proud.

Several UK Rackers attended the event last evening (Paul Bolt, Natalie Priest, Matt Hernandez, Nyall Halstead, Andy Fisher, Poonam Verma, Jess Bennett, Eric George, Chris Jackson and Jonny Lui), all have been recognised for their great achievements within Rackspace.

Rackspace was built on Fanatical Support and awards like this show that the spirit of serving customers is alive in all of us.

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About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Darren Norfolk.

Darren is a veteran Racker of seven years with experience across finance, strategy, service delivery and sales. He leads by example and his greatest quality is complete commitment in doing the best for our Rackers and our Customers, no matter what. His knowledge of our market and our business, combined with his passion for excellence, makes him ideal to take the lead of our UK Rackers.

Darren loves the freedom that Rackers are given to make Rackers' or customers' lives better. He believes that great Rackers champion the values, and has never worked anywhere that lives values so closely aligned to his own.

Darren's Rackspace career has taken him from building out our Finance team to taking care of our support functions, customer experience, our Enterprise segment before taking on his current role in 2013.

He classes one of his defining Rackspace moments as winning the National Customer Services awards in both 2009 and 2010 and UK Customer Experience Awards in 2012, confirming his personal goal of delivering world class customer service and also supporting Rackspace in its mission "to be recognised as one of the world's greatest service companies".

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