Rackspace Vision For Hybrid Cloud Powered VMware Solutions

As an eight-year veteran of hosted VMware, Rackspace manages 45,000 vSphere virtual machines and is a Hybrid Cloud Powered, long-standing top tier partner in the newly branded VMware vCloud Air Network. We have also aligned with the EMC Federation to deliver complete and comprehensive solutions backed by high value Fanatical Support to manage customer clouds anywhere in the world entirely underpinned by trusted EMC, VMware, Pivotal and RSA technologies and supporting ecosystems for best-in-class solutions.

This combination of proven and leading edge solutions allows flexibility and the ability to navigate differentiated layers within the stack on converged infrastructure. Securely delivering a range of traditional virtualized workloads to futuristic application delivery mechanisms such as platform-as-a-service enables rapid software development, data analytics and mobility solutions. This approach to a differentiated delivery model of infrastructure, applications and end-user access transforms the traditional IT consumption model to delivering IT, itself, as a service.

Many expect an on-premises cloud to provide the same capabilities as a public cloud: simple access, consumption-based cost, infinite and effortless elasticity with low overhead of governance allowing supreme agility. Instead, they find that most on-premises cloud environments are complex, costly, heavily regulated by manual processes and ultimately capacity constrained. Enter the cloud conundrum.

Cloud computing is more than the virtualization of infrastructure; it is a fundamental change in the relationship between IT and the business. The abstraction created by virtualization, mingled with defined service offerings and automation, is a powerful enabler of cloud computing when implemented and supported effectively. Movement to a services-oriented relationship and more business-centric approach that focuses on customer outcomes allows brawnier competitiveness and much faster response to evolving requirements and demand. Not only do the providers and consumers of these services stand to benefit, there is obvious empowerment of the overall business itself.

Partnership: Rackspace Is VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered
Rackspace is one of the select VMware Service Providers in the Premier tier of the recently rebranded VMware vCloud Air Network, which fosters a stronger alliance and go-to-market strategy to better serve our customers through VMware technology building blocks. Rackspace and VMware collaborate to create a shared ecosystem of the brightest technical talent for VMware solutions with more than a decade of expertise in managed hosting and world class Fanatical Support.

Fanatical Support: Managed Cloud Anywhere
Fanatical Support categorically differentiates Rackspace. That support also recently secured our leadership position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting in both North America and Europe. Our customers are businesses and developers who want to utilize the advantages of the cloud without the overhead of running infrastructure and operations themselves and without the expense of recruiting and contracting with expertise in myriad complex technologies around the world. Rackspace customers can dial their own service level, from essential infrastructure support up through expert VMware support, on a variety of hybrid infrastructure platforms and solutions, anywhere.

Hybrid Infrastructure: Extend Within Or To A Rackspace Data Center
Rackspace is principally moving above the traditional infrastructure support stack adding new value to our customers, whether you have an existing on-premises footprint and are considering partially hosted solutions, or sit entirely within a Rackspace data center, we offer a variety of hybrid infrastructure platforms and solutions that meet the needs of multiple workloads such as:

  • Server Virtualization: simple, easy to use, fully managed server virtualization powered by vSphere
  • Dedicated and Shared vCenter: seamlessly extend your on-premise environment to a Rackspace data center and leverage existing investments in staff skill sets, scripts, tools and vSphere API access
  • Dedicated vCloud: completely change how you consume virtualization with self-service orchestration, vCloud API access and service catalogs in either single or multi-tenancy (Dedicated vCloud is coming soon, fill out the form here to be notified of updates)
  • vCloud Automation Center: package and broker services or launch hardware from a variety of means, such as Rackspace or on-premises in a single self-service portal
  • Pivotal CF: a modern approach to software engineering, develop and deploy applications faster with higher portability and scalability or conduct lighting fast data analytics with a harmonious platform ecosystem on vSphere

Join Us In The Hybrid Evolution
Unlike previous shifts in IT that required comprehensive replacement of infrastructure hardware, software and occasionally skill sets, the Rackspace vision for VMware solutions is based on choice and flexibility. We support a combination of solutions that enable IT to achieve unprecedented results in an evolutionary manner. Join Rackspace as part of the VMware vCloud Air Network, the industry experts in delivering hosted VMware solutions continuing the natural evolution of our virtualization charter towards hosting software-defined data centers.

Arrian has been involved in the IT industry for nearly 20 years, spanning enterprise engineering architecture to professional services encompassing infrastructure, application and managed services to technical sales and was general manager for the VMware Cloud Practice at Rackspace. Arrian received his degree from a Top 5 engineering university in the US majoring in Computer Engineering and specializing in Computer Science and Information Systems. Arrian started his career in technology by supporting UNIX systems in the utility industry at Southern Company while in Atlanta. Not long after receiving his bachelor’s degree, Arrian relocated to Austin to join Dell in performance analysis of server, workstation, and storage subsystems inclusive of authoring white papers and contributing member of the patent program. Arrian developed multiple competencies by serving in different capacities over his twelve-year career Dell as a presales engineer, a solutions architect, and ultimately a field sales executive through the acquisition of Perot Services developing and closing simple infrastructure projects to large complex multimillion dollar data center outsourcing initiatives.


  1. Nice post. The synergy between selected VMware products coupled with the fanatical support will be a force to reckon with and interesting to watch out for. I wonder how you plan on navigating differentiated layers within the stack on converged infrastructure, given the adoption of hybrid cloud model?


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