Flexibility Without Complexity: Rackspace and VMware Deliver an Interoperable OpenStack Cloud Architecture

Cloud technology is rapidly changing the IT landscape and many enterprises are now operating in a hybrid, multi-cloud world. These hybrid environments commonly span multiple physical locations, deployment models and hypervisors. Gone are the days where an organization can standardize around one monolithic technology stack. This multi-cloud world provides flexibility, but creates a new set of challenges for enterprises and their application developers.

Both developers and IT administrators face the burden of increased complexity in managing, operating and interacting with a multi-cloud environment. Developers have to familiarize themselves with multiple architectures, APIs and tools. Administrators have to accommodate the intricacies of operating two or more distinct technologies. And both have to manage identities across multiple clouds.

Today, Rackspace and VMware are excited to announce an interoperable OpenStack cloud architecture that helps IT administrators thrive in the new multi-cloud world.

OpenStack has become the preferred platform for enterprise cloud consumption and this architecture provides enterprise users with a unified control plane using OpenStack’s standard APIs across multiple clouds, giving them flexibility without complexity. Enterprises taking advantage of this solution will derive two key benefits:

  • Flexibility to Innovate — Users can deploy applications across KVM or ESXi hypervisors using a common control plane.
  • Common Experience — Users have a choice in how and where they provision a workload using common credentials without the need to learn and utilize two distinct sets of tools.

This interoperable OpenStack cloud architecture provides enterprises with a Rackspace Private Cloud powered by OpenStack environment running alongside their vSphere cluster with VMware Integrated OpenStack.

As the leading operator of OpenStack private and hybrid clouds, Rackspace delivers a managed private cloud offering which eliminates complexity barriers and enables enterprises to innovate with OpenStack. Our managed OpenStack private cloud alongside VMware’s Integrated OpenStack environment and extensive suite of management tools provides enterprises with a production-ready OpenStack cloud.

Please read VMware’s post on our interoperable OpenStack cloud architecture for additional information.

Kenny Johnston is a Senior Product Manager on the Rackspace Private Cloud powered by OpenStack product team. He brings more than four years of experience with OpenStack, having joined Rackspace from HP’s Helion OpenStack Distribution. Kenny is passionate about the importance of and challenges in open-sourced projects and is a member of the OpenStack Product Working Group. Kenny lives in Leawood, Kansas with his wife and two children.


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