Rackspace Weekly Digest: April 19

In this edition of the Rackspace Weekly Digest, we’re spotlighting OpenStack Summit Portland, women in the cloud and the future of the open source technologies. Here’s a handy guide in case you missed anything:

OpenStack Summit Recap
OpenStack Summit Portland kicked off this week, and nearly 200 rackers made the journey to Oregon. There, they gave tech talks and discussed all things cloud with an estimated 2,400-plus attendees. Tickets to the summit sold out weeks in advance, so if you missed out, here’s a brief recap of the week:

  • Day 1: The first day of the summit saw big news from some of OpenStack’s main players. Rackspace announced that we have plans to build and launch an interoperable Global Cloud Network for large service providers and telcos.
  • Day 2: We kicked off the morning by showcasing how HubSpot is using an open hybrid cloud infrastructure to power its marketing software.
  • Day 3: Where will OpenStack be in 2023? Tune into our video to hear about the future of the open source cloud operating system.
  • Day 4: Open Compute, a computing infrastructure that we co-founded with Intel and Facebook, is gaining momentum. Check out our blog post on how this innovative project is helping to make computing more efficient.

OpenStack Summit Portland Keynote: Rackspace, HubSpot Take The Stage [Video]
OpenStack Summit Portland has been all about the users. In this keynote presentation, Rackspace Senior Vice President of Private Cloud and OpenStack Co-Founder Jim Curry outlines how OpenStack has evolved and how the numbers show that it’s making an impact with users.

Solving The OpenStack Talent Gap
There’s an overwhelming shortage of IT talent in cloud and within OpenStack. The good news is that OpenStack-focused positions pay an average of 13 percent more than their industry equivalents. And even better: we’re hiring! You’ll want to check out this blog post if you’re looking to get hired into an IT career, or if you’re a recruiter looking for ways to find the right candidates for technical positions.

Getting More Women Involved In OpenStack
Studies show that just 12 percent of the professionals in engineering are women. At OpenStack Summit Portland, Rackspace Videographer Jacob Forbis caught up with some of the women who are making OpenStack great and who are working to get more women involved.

UTSA Uses Open Hybrid Cloud For Research and Academic
Speaking of studies, Rackspace and the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) have designed an advanced OpenStack powered platform to fuel academic research, computational power and big data that will revolutionize how scientists and scholars leverage the cloud. Check out this video for a more in-depth look at how UTSA leverages the open cloud and Rackspace Private Cloud for scientific research.

Leezia Dhalla was the Speakers Bureau Program Manager at Rackspace until 2015, where she was responsible for coordinating external speaking engagements and developing corporate messaging for senior leadership, software developers and key subject matter experts. graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science.


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