Rackspace Weekly Digest: April 28

This week, we highlighted how we helped customers through Heartbleed, showed you how to use Cloud Monitoring on Rackspace Private Cloud, prepped for the Big Data revolution and much more. Take a look at all that and more in this week’s digest.

Heartbleed: Stopping The Bleeding With Expertise At Scale
Rackers throughout the company worked long hours to provide expertise and service at scale to help our customers combat the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability.

Preparing For The Big Data Revolution
It is no accident that we have recently seen a surge in the amount of interest in big data. Businesses are faced with unprecedented opportunities to understand their customers, achieve efficiencies and predict future trends thanks to the convergence of a number of technologies. Businesses need to take every opportunity to store everything they can. Lost data represents lost opportunities to understand customer behaviour and interests, drivers for efficiency and industry trends.

Specialist Interactive: 5 Questions To Answer Before Migrating Your App To Rackspace
Here are five questions you should ask before starting a migration to Rackspace (or any other hosting provider).

Using Cloud Monitoring On Your Rackspace Private Cloud
Here we walk you through what’s required to set up Cloud Monitoring on Rackspace Private Cloud.

Hosted Microsoft Lync Instant Messaging And Video Calling Now In Beta
We recently gave you a sneak peek at the instant messaging and video calling capabilities that are coming in Hosted Microsoft Lync at Rackspace. Now, Hosted Microsoft Lync is available through an Early Access program (beta).

Strategising For Spikes
Strategising for spikes in your online business is really important yet, astonishingly, many organizations, namely some here in Australia, are still not doing it effectively. I believe that ineffective preparation for online spikes is inexcusable with the technology available today.

Is Your Business Email Secure?
How can you make sure the information in your email remains private and only accessible to the intended recipients? Can you risk hours or even days of email downtime due to a virus that employees unknowingly spread?

Embracing Mobile First Design
It’s time for online businesses and retailers to put an emphasis on mobile development rather than treating it as an afterthought. It’s time to embrace mobile first design.

Why We Craft OpenStack (Featuring Rackspace Software Developer Ed Leafe)
In this video series, we hear straight from some of OpenStack’s top contributors from Rackspace about how the fast-growing open source project has evolved, what it needs to continue thriving, what it means to them personally, and why they are active contributors. Here, we talk to Software Developer Ed Leafe.

CloudU Kicks Off Big Data Online Course In A Big Way
We have a saying in Texas: Bigger is better. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that CloudU, based in San Antonio, Texas, is getting bigger, too. To kick-off CloudU Big Data Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) activities, we’ve asked Dave Feinleib to be the featured author of this learning series.

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