Rackspace Weekly Digest: February 15

Rackspace was recognized by Forrester as a top performer in the private cloud market, we showcased how to overcome some of the hurdles of VM replication and resiliency and a pair of Rackers took to the airwaves to show off our Harlem Shake. Check it all out in the weekly digest.

Rackspace Private Cloud Is A Top Performer: Forrester
Forrest has recognized our industry-changing efforts by naming Rackspace a top performer in the emerging private cloud market in its latest Forrester Wave Report. Rackspace Private Cloud combines the benefits of our open cloud with the security and performance of dedicated environments. We’ll run your private cloud just like our own public cloud – in your data center, or ours.

Harlem Shake: Racker Edition
Rackers Erick Monroy and Bryan Carter were featured on WOAI’s San Antonio Living this week discussing the Racker Edition of the Harlem Shake, the explosive Internet dance video craze set to Baauer’s now-iconic party anthem. Check them out, and check out Rackspace’s own rendition of the Harlem Shake.

Host Your Facebook App On The Rackspace Open Cloud
The Rackspace DevOps Blog this week show highlighted how to host your Facebook app on the Rackspace open cloud and showcased a network diagram that shows one possible configuration.

VM Replication & Resiliency
This week, we closed out our three-part blog series on VM replication and resiliency and the three common hurdles SMBs face. The series dug deeper into each hurdles cost, complexity and failover testing.

Move IT Up The Value Chain
It’s no secret that CIOs and IT executives feel pressure to provide more value to the business. IT has to constantly reevaluate its value-driving activities to ensure they align with what the business needs to acquire new customers and maintain competitive advantage through innovative technology development. Private cloud and big data are two things that can help IT move up the value chain.

Cloud Customers Share Their Stories
This week, two Rackspace customers shared how the Rackspace open cloud boosts their business. Qv21, a leading SaaS logistics solution for the Oil Field Services Industry, discussed how the cloud is changing commodities transport. And TruQC, which offers a cloud-based quality control documentation app for the iPad, weighed in to talk about why the company chose the Rackspace cloud to power its app.

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  1. Collaborating with the San Antonio Food Bank, Rackspace’s employees also known as Rackers pesasd out over 1,000 food boxes containing turkey and the rest of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. In addition, attendees were given tea, coffee, pumpkins, watermelons and yogurt. Overall, the company spent roughly $10,000 on turkeys and the Food Bank stated that it is, by far, the biggest event they’ll do this year, reported Silicon Hills News.


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