Rackspace Weekly Digest: February 22

This week we simplified our cloud pricing, welcomed a powerful new ally to our fight against patent trolls and embarked upon a cloud journey. Check out all of that and more in this week’s digest.

Simplified Open Cloud Pricing
The Open Cloud drives efficiencies of scale, which enables us to pass savings on to our customers. This week we made two changes to our Open Cloud pricing model to benefit bandwidth and content-centric applications: we are implementing automatic tiered pricing for our Open Cloud product portfolio, starting with Cloud Files; and we are lowering the base price for bandwidth across our entire cloud portfolio (including Cloud Servers, Cloud Files and Cloud Load Balancers) and CDN by 33 percent.

President Obama Joins The Patent Troll Fight
The most creative and productive elements of our technology economy won a major ally last week when President Obama called out patent trolls and called for patent reform during a Google+ Hangout.

The Cloud Journey Starts Here
We want you to get the most out of the Rackspace Cloud – with the Cloud Journey, you can discover your cloud possibilities through helpful information you can use to implement your ideas in the cloud. This week, we showed you how you can speed up image, video, audio and file load times; and how to serve a static website fast, without servers.

We’re Driving To The Open Cloud
Through a program called “Rackspace IT: Drive to the Open Cloud,” Rack­space IT will become an enter­prise cus­tomer of Rack­space, lever­age the same solu­tions Rack­space offers our many exter­nal cus­tomers and dri­ve as many of our enter­prise appli­ca­tions as pos­si­ble to the Rack­space Open Cloud.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Email Archiving
Modern business is fueled by email. It’s a necessary tool. And improper email archiving is a dangerous game. There are numerous reasons why you should archive email; and there are a host of examples of how to not archive your email.

Open Cloud Drives Innovation
Cloud computing and open cloud technologies are fueling innovation in companies of all sizes by saving them money, increasing their profits and enabling them to reinvest in key segments of their businesses. Our recent survey found that 88 percent of cloud users in the U.S. and UK reduced IT costs with the cloud, while 56 percent say using cloud helped increase profits – that money is being pumped back into the business and fueling innovation. The survey also found that 70 percent of respondents use open cloud technologies and 86 percent say open standards improve their ability to innovate.

A Service Registry Use Case
There are several use cases for the Rackspace Service Registry. In a recent post on the Rackspace DevOps Blog, we dug deeper into storing service metadata in Service Registry.

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