Rackspace Weekly Digest: February 1

Super Bowl Sunday is upon is. Whether you’re rooting for Ray Lewis and his Ravens to continue their momentum or cheering on upstart quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his band of 49ers (or maybe you’re just watching for the commercials); New Orleans will be rocking with Super Bowl fever. This week at Rackspace, we’re rocking as well. A lot of great things happened this week, and there’s a lot more on the horizon. Take a look at this week’s digest:

Don’t Let The Super Bowl Sack Your Site
Super Bowl commercials are a big investment – and so are the companion websites for those ad campaigns. If you want your site to be able to stand up to linebacker-sized traffic spikes, we offer these tips to prep your site for the Super Bowl traffic blitz.

We’re An EPA Green Power Partner
Rackspace ranked No. 16 on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Top 20 Tech & Telecom” list of “Green Power Partners” thanks to our purchase of renewable energy in 2012. It’s a great recognition and shows that we’re on the right track with how we think about energy.

What Is An Open Business Model?
Open source does not necessarily mean open. But at Rackspace we have an open business model that doesn’t lock our customers in and makes it easy for our customers to switch if they feel they’re not getting the service they deserve. We do this because we realize the only way to eliminate our customers’ barrier of entry to Rackspace is by eliminating their barrier to exit.

Get Your Drupal On
This week we kicked off a recurring series on Drupal, a content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to customize web sites and boasts a thriving community. Check out an intro to Drupal, and stay tuned for more.

New Private Cloud Open Reference Architectures
We want to make it easier for you to deploy and run large-scale enterprise clouds. To help, we’ve launched three new Private Cloud Open Reference Architectures.

Tame Your Inbox
Email overload isn’t good. Research shows that we spend an average of 13 hours a week in our inboxes. Here are nine tips to help you tame email overload and get some of that time back.

Fast, Simple, Reliable Media Management
Rackspace Media Hosting can help alleviate the stress that video, images, audio and other media can put on your websites and applications and make media management simple, fast and reliable. With Rackspace Media Hosting, we offer you the ability to deliver media at blazing speeds.

Enterprise Cloud Forum: Tear Down The Silos
The next Enterprise Cloud Forum is fast approaching. On Wednesday, February 13 at 11 a.m. CST, Rackspace Senior IT Strategist Brian Jawalka and Rackspace Vice President of Software Application Development Krishna Prasad will present “Tearing Down Silos to Build Your Enterprise DevOps Engine.” In this roundtable discussion, they’ll highlight why DevOps integration is essential for successful cloud adoption; how to promote healthy cross-functional collaboration between your development and operations organizations; how to implement a mandate for DevOps; and how Rackspace IT is employing DevOps in its journey to the open cloud. Sign up now.

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