Rackspace Weekly Digest For January 25

From startups to slide races, it’s been another busy week here at The Rack. We teamed up with 3 Day Startup to give entrepreneurs a platform to build and pitch new products; we orchestrated races on our legendary office slide; and that’s just the beginning. Check out what happened this week and what’s to come in the weekly digest.

Cloud Backup Updates
We’ve made some key updates to Rackspace Cloud Backup that will make it easier for you to use. We also have some cool stats to share around how and when you’re using Cloud Backup – such as the most popular day of the week that backups are performed.

A Rookie Talks Orientation And Why Tech Talent Should Listen Up
Duncan McGreggor, a recent graduate of Rackspace Rookie O, our four-day immersive new hire orientation, was so moved by the experience that he decided to blog about it. According to McGreggor, if the technical world knew what was happening here at Rackspace, technical talent would be beating down the door to join in.

3 Day Startup At MIT
Rackspace teamed up with 3 Day Startup for a weekend-long education program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through which students built startups. We followed the progress from the beginning – even offering up some Fanatical Support during the event — and captured the field being narrowed from 11 companies to three finalists.

Rackspace Is No. 1 In E-Retail Hosting
According to Internet Retailer, Rackspace is the No. 1 hosting provider to the top 1,000 e-retailers in the U.S. Rackspace is also the top provider to Internet Retailer’s Hot 100. It’s a combination of our product portfolio, support and partner alliances that make us a leader in ecommerce. For more on ecommerce, check out our online retail by the numbers infographic.

Ride On The Rackspace Slide
Did you know that our San Antonio headquarters has an incredible slide that connects the second and first floors? It’s become ingrained in our culture – so much so that we recently filmed some Rackers sharing their tips for speedy sliding. Check out the Rackspace Slide Speedrun to see who is fastest.

Sync Your Magento Site To Cloud Files, The Akamai CDN
An application called fileconveyor makes it easy to sync files from one place to another, specifically to cloud technologies like Rackspace Cloud Files. At Rackspace, we forked the project and figured out a base configuration that works to sync specific directories in Magento with a Cloud Files container.

Enterprise Cloud Forum: Join The Cloud Discussion
In the latest edition of the Enterprise Cloud Forum, we showcased adopting a service provider mentality and becoming a self-service organization. You can tune in to an audio recording of the webinar here and view the presentation here. And be sure to sign up for the next Enterprise Cloud Forum (Wednesday, February 13 at 11 a.m. CST) where we’ll highlight “Tearing Down Silos to Build Your Enterprise DevOps Engine.”

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