Rackspace Weekly Digest For January 4

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Hickey | January 4, 2013 10:58 am

Happy new year! Let’s take a look at how we’re kicking off the new year here at Rackspace in the weekly digest.

The Top 12 Of 2012
2012 was a huge year here at Rackspace. We launched a number of products that shaped our open cloud vision; we fought back against patent trolls; and we officially became the open cloud company. On the Rackspace blog, we chronicled the journey. Check out the 12 most popular blog posts of 2012[1].

Tune In To The Enterprise Cloud Forum
Each month, Rackspace Advisory Services hosts a panel of cloud computing experts in the Enterprise Cloud Forum[2], an hour-long virtual roundtable that touches upon a variety of cloud topics followed by Q&A. On Wednesday, January 9 at 11 a.m. CST, the Enterprise Cloud Forum will present “Adopting a Service Provider Mentality and Empowering a Self-Service Organization[3].” Register now. And to catch up on the last Enterprise Cloud Forum, “Turning Big Data into Big Dollars[4],” you can download the audio mp3[5] and the slide presentation[6].

Inject Innovation Into IT With The Cloud
The question was recently posed: “How can IT departments become better innovators (using the cloud)?” In this blog post, we show that the cloud can help inject innovation into IT[7] in two major ways: infrastructure efficiency and skills effectiveness.

Cloud Block Storage Best Practices
We wrapped up our Rackspace Cloud Block Storage[8] video and blog series recently with a look at best practices for Cloud Block Storage[9]. Check out the rest of the Cloud Block Storage blog series[10] for insight into the differences between Cloud Block Storage and Cloud Files; which Cloud Block Storage option is ideal for your business; and a general overview of Cloud Block Storage.

Global Startup Events Guide
Get out and get to a startup event. With the help of StartupDigest[11], here’s a lineup of global startup events for January 2013[12].

Cloud Security Gets Physical
In the latest installment in our cloud security blog series, we take a look at the physical security[13] measures Rackspace has in place to protect your data. Be sure to check out the other installments in the cloud security blog series[14].

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