Rackspace Weekly Digest For November 2

Wow! It’s November already. Stores are already in the holiday spirit and soon we’ll be giving thanks with family and friends. There’s still a lot to do before the year winds down. Let’s take a look at what’s gone on this week and what’s coming.

Cloud Networks Launches
The latest chapter in the Rackspace open cloud story launched this week with Cloud Networks. Cloud Networks offers software defined networking to our cloud customers. It lets them create isolated, multi-tiered networks with the click of a button, simplifying networking in the cloud.

Get Ready For SharePoint Tuesday
There are only two more SharePoint Tuesdays scheduled for this year (November 20 and December 18), but to hold you over we’ve launched recordings of the latest episode from October 16. SharePoint Tuesdays are virtual Q&As held the third Tuesday of each month where you can get answers to your most pressing SharePoint questions from our team of SharePoint experts. Don’t miss out.

Are You Ready For The Holidays?
The time is now to get your website and configuration ready for the influx of holiday traffic. Over the past few weeks we’ve shared e-commerce tips from some of our partners about how to get your site ready for the holiday crunch. And now we’ve launched a new video series to help you prep for the holidays. Get ready to wow your customers this holiday season.

How Can Windows Server 2012 In The Cloud Benefit You?
Got questions about how Windows Server 2012 on the Rackspace open cloud can benefit your business? Check out this handy infographic on hosting Windows Server 2012 in the cloud and learn why it is the right choice.

A Very Proud Dad’s Open Cloud Journey
We know the story of the open cloud can sometimes be confusing. With that in mind, we put together this animated short that takes you on a journey to the open cloud through the eyes of one very proud dad.

Migrate Snapshots To The Open Cloud
This week we launched Rackspace snapshot migration, which lets our customers quickly and easily convert first generation Cloud Servers to next generation Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack.

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