Rackspace Weekly Digest For November 30

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Hickey | November 30, 2012 10:00 am

The year is winding down. As we inch toward closing out 2012, there is a lot happening here at Rackspace.

Managed Cloud: An Inside Look
A rite of passage for product marketers at Rackspace is to shadow field teams, and new Product Marketing Lead Prabhakar Gopalan this week got an inside look at Rackspace’s Managed Cloud[1] from a customer’s perspective from our Cloud Advisors and specialists.

SaaS In The Cloud
The cloud can really boost your SaaS environment, and to help you navigate SaaS in the cloud, we’ve launched a new blog series. The SaaS in the Cloud[2] series will offer you practical information and video tutorials on how cloud-based services can enhance your SaaS environment.

Protect Your Servers With Bastion Hosts, Isolated Cloud Networks
We know that the public internet can be a scary place for servers. Log files of servers attached to public addresses show regular port scans and URL snooping and are a constant reminder that your hosts are one misconfiguration away from catastrophe. To help you avoid disaster and thwart potential threats, we’ve created a handy guide to walk you through the creation of bastion hosts and isolated cloud networks[3].

Rackspace Austin Named A Top Workplace
For the second year in a row, the Austin American-Statesman has named Rackspace’s Austin office one of its Top Workspaces[4]. This year, Rackspace has moved up six spots to No. 25 in the midsize category.

Register For SharePoint Tuesday
There is only one more SharePoint Tuesday[5] scheduled for this year (December 18[6]). This is your last chance this year to get answers to your most pressing SharePoint questions in a virtual Q&A format. Register now.

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