Rackspace Weekly Digest: January 10

Happy New Year! At Rackspace, we kicked off the year with introductions to some of our key products, a look at how long it took some popular web companies to reach one million users and primers on the importance of automation and parallel testing. In this week’s digest, we look at all that and more.

Introduction To Cloud Servers & Cloud Databases
We started the New Year with a pair of posts introducing you to two of our key cloud offerings: Cloud Servers and Cloud Databases. The series will continue in coming weeks and offer introductions to other Rackspace cloud products. Check out Introduction to Cloud Servers and Introduction to Cloud Databases.

Journey To A Million Users [Infographic]
The length of time it takes for web-based companies to reach a million users has sharply decreased. What once took several months, or even years, now takes just a few months. In this infographic, we look at some of the most successful companies on the web and their journeys to one million users.

An Inside Look At Rackspace’s Global Culture [Video]
Recently, Dave Sims, Rackspace lead storyteller and videographer, travelled abroad interviewing international customers about the hybrid cloud. During the trip, he stopped at three of Rackspace’s offices to capture what it is like to live and work in each unique environment. Check out Dave’s videos from Rackspace’s Hong Kong, UK and Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) offices.

Optimization For Parallelization
Testing shouldn’t be difficult to implement, and it definitely shouldn’t be slow. One way to implement and speed up testing is to run all your tests in parallel, rather than sequentially.

Automate All The Things!
Many companies – large, small, public, private, start-ups – are looking into test automation, continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) to get their code to customers as efficiently as possible, while not sacrificing quality or reliability. They realize that automation is essential for them to scale up and be competitive.

Introduction To Object Storage
In this blog post, we discuss what Object Storage is, what it is good for and what it is not good for. By the end of this post you should feel that Object Storage is a technology that warrants some serious investigation!

The Top 13 Posts Of 2013
From our battle with patent trolls to getting a handle on Rails, we covered a number of topics last year. Here are the top 13 blog posts that we published in 2013.

On The Web, Speed And Reliability Matter
In this guest post, mobile app maker Bizness Apps talks about the speed and reliability it achieves with Rackspace.

The Rackspace Cloudvent Calendar
We closed out 2013 with the Rackspace Cloudvent Calendar, a take on an Advent Calendar in which Racker Hart Hoover offered a daily tech tip for Rackspace Cloud products. Check out the entire Rackspace Cloudvent Calendar.

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