Rackspace Weekly Digest: June 13

This week, we share how you can make the most out of your ecommerce email programs, hear from our customer VitusVet.com and let you in on the secrets behind technology mega trend adoption:

Why Restaurant Meals – And Managed Clouds – Taste Better
Let’s be honest, food rarely tastes as good when you make it yourself at home as it does when it’s prepared in a restaurant by a professional chef. With eating out, you can save the valuable time you would’ve spent shopping, chopping and cooking. You should think of your cloud the same way: you can do it all yourself, or you can trust the experts and use a managed cloud.

Who’s Responsible For Technology Mega Trend Adoption?
Australian business leaders are starting to realize that no business and no industry is immune to the disruption that is underway with tech mega trends like cloud computing, big data and the internet of things. In this blog post, Angus Dorney, director and GM for Rackspace in Australia and New Zealand, discusses whose responsibility it is to ensure businesses are embracing these trends.

Confidence, Support Help VitusVet.com Find Success
When you’re launching a startup, you have to trust that your cloud provider is going to prepare you for success. In this customer post, Kalpesh Raval, CTO and co-founder of VitusVet.com, explains how he’s building a business on top of robust Rackspace infrastructure that’s backed by Fanatical Support.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Ecommerce Email Programs
If you run an ecommerce site, email is critical to your business, from receiving customer order details to promoting new products to tracking consumer data. In this new blog series, Racker Taylor Wakefield shares tips and best practices on how ecommerce sites can manage their reputation and make the most out of transactional email.

How to Migrate Traditional Apps to the Hybrid Cloud [Upcoming Webinar]
Over the last few months, we’ve gotten lots of questions about the hybrid cloud. What’s the right approach? How long does migration take? What needs to be done in preparation? On June 25, join Racker Jaret Chiles for a live webinar on migrating traditional premises to the hybrid cloud.

Rackspace CTO John Engates Talks Native Cloud Support For Docker at DockerCon14
Earlier this week, Rackspace CTO John Engates delivered one of the keynotes at DockerCon in San Francisco. Check out this awesome video, which explains how we’re working with Docker to develop native cloud support for Docker that will work with any cloud.

Leezia Dhalla was the Speakers Bureau Program Manager at Rackspace until 2015, where she was responsible for coordinating external speaking engagements and developing corporate messaging for senior leadership, software developers and key subject matter experts. graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science.


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