Rackspace Weekly Digest: June 27

From outlining the differences between commodity cloud providers and managed cloud specialists to hearing how Pantheon uses Rackspace OnMetal, this week was chock full of news. Check out all of that – and more – in this week’s digest.

Commodity Cloud Providers vs. Managed Cloud Specialists
We shake our heads whenever we see the assumption that all cloud services are the same – there’s a major differences between commodity cloud providers and managed cloud specialists.

Stay In The Conversation With Microsoft Lync From Rackspace
Have you ever missed an important instant message when you were out for lunch? Or spent 10 minutes searching emails for a conversation with a colleague only to remember it was over IM? Have you ever thought a conversation would go smoother if only we were face to face? This week Rackspace launched Microsoft Lync, a unified communications tool that solves these problems for you and your colleagues

Docker With The Rackspace Open Cloud
Docker Inc. recently unveiled an exciting new open source project called Libswarm designed to make the using containers in the public cloud a lot easier. Rackspace has been working closely with both Docker and core Docker contributors to make this project possible and accelerate users’ ability to confidently put their containers in the cloud.

Free Backups For MongoDB
ObjectRocket now offers free daily backups for any MongoDB instance, of any size, running anywhere.

Thinking Outside The Box With Hybrid Cloud, New Technologies
When you’re a digital agency working for ecommerce customers, you have to stay nimble and on top of the latest technologies. At Gracious Studios, we rely heavily on open source and open standards, including the Rackspace Hybrid Cloud.

APAC Customers Can Now Use Performance Cloud Servers
In the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, companies are hungry for speed and reliability. Simply put: Performance is key. Starting this week, our customers in the APAC region can benefit from the speed, reliability and affordability of Performance Cloud Servers

Pantheon: Containers Running On Bare-Metal IaaS Will Disrupt The EC2 Virtualization Model Of Cloud Computing At Scale
We’ve all been trained to think of ‘The Cloud’ as generic virtual machines on demand à la EC2. At Pantheon we believe this VM-centric compute model will be supplanted by a simpler, vastly more efficient model of cloud computing: containers running on bare-metal infrastructure provisioned via API.

Bigger Is Better: Introducing The CloudU Big Data MOOC
Have you heard of MapReduce? How about Data Lake or petabytes? If you’ve heard these big data terms before and weren’t sure exactly what they meant, it’s time to find out. CloudU this week launched its “Bigger is Better” Big Data Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

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