Rackspace Weekly Digest: June 6

This week, we share our definition of managed cloud, get ready for IRCE and much more.

What Is Managed Cloud?
At some point, most busy, successful people — and busy, successful businesses — find it wise to focus on what they do best and let specialists do the rest. That’s a big part of the appeal of what we at Rackspace call managed cloud.

Celebrate 10 Years Of IRCE With Rackspace Digital

IRCE is one of the largest ecommerce events in the world, and 2014 looks like it will prove to be bigger than ever. IRCE is celebrating 10 years of bringing digital retailers together, and Rackspace will be representing in style.

Connecting Your Data: Hadoop Summit 2014
Big data is here! And at Hadoop Summit this week, here are three things we were excited to talk to the community about. Also, check out how to connect your data with MongoDB and Hadoop.

Scale Up And Down Based On Load With Rackspace Auto Scale
Here, we address one of the common questions we get from customers: How do I use Rackspace Auto Scale to enable a number of servers to increase and shrink based on load?

The Risks And Hidden Dangers Of Outdated Technology
Are you still clinging to your trusty old server that’s gracefully aging towards obsolescence? Perhaps you are still running important applications on older servers with old operating systems because they’re “good enough” and still “work fine.” In many respects, your old server is like a trusty old car. You know where the kinks are and it gets you where you need to go. But lurking below the surface of that trusty old car, and your old server, can be hidden risks that can result in very big problems, even dangers, usually when least expected.

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