Rackspace Weekly Digest: March 1

We ended February and kicked off March in a big way. This week we announced an acquisition, opened our new community to the masses and helped your startup prep for SXSW Interactive. You’ll find all of this and more here in the weekly digest.

We Acquired ObjectRocket
This week, we announced the acquisition of ObjectRocket, a MongoDB database as a service that is highly available, automatically sharded and lightning fast. Adding ObjectRocket to the Rackspace family deepens our open cloud mission and helps us broaden our product portfolio to give our customers a NoSQL database in the cloud that makes application development easier. Learn more in our ObjectRocket acquisition FAQ.

Come Visit The Castle In Google Street View
Now you can get an insider’s view of Rackspace’s San Antonio headquarters, lovingly called “The Castle,” through Google Street View. Take a virtual tour of our office and see what makes us tick.

Welcome To The Open Cloud Community
We recently launched the new Rackspace Open Cloud Community, where you can interact with your peers and nearly 5,000 Rackers. The cornerstone of a great community is its participants, and we’re asking you to come along and share your expertise with the rest of us. We know it will be awesome, but we need your help to get it there. Check out the Rackspace Open Cloud Community and get the discussion started – or contribute to one that’s already going on. Together we can make it great.

Prep Your Startup For SXSW Success
The No. 1 killer of small businesses isn’t failure, but success. With that in mind we put together a set of tips to steer your startup to SXSW success. These tips will help you prepare your app or website for SXSW buzz and the traffic that will follow.

Social Media Support Takes Home A Stevie
Congratulations are in order for Rackspace’s Social Media Support Team, which took home a silver Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service. The Social Media Support Team’s “Be Helpful” ethos earned it one of the most coveted honors for customer service. Well done!

Why Do Startups Love The Open Cloud?
There are a lot of reasons why startups love the Rackspace Open Cloud – and this week we listed the top five. From their love of open source to their need for choice and flexibility, startups rely on Rackspace and open cloud technologies so they can focus on their businesses and build something great.

Got SharePoint Questions?
We’ve compiled insights from our SharePoint experts and MVPs into a nifty SharePoint eBook, which is available now for download. Get answers to your most pressing SharePoint questions.

Don’t Miss The Next Enterprise Cloud Forum
Join us on Wednesday, March 13 at 11 a.m. CST for the next installment of the Enterprise Cloud Forum. In this edition, Matt Montelone, Senior IT Strategist, and Rich Murr, Rackspace Vice President of IT Operations, will discuss how to most effectively retool your enterprise IT shop when adopting cloud as a business model. You will learn what an IT department should look like in a cloud world; how to reallocate internal IT resources after partnering with a service provider; how to assess your in-house skill sets – skills to develop and new skills to hire; and how to redefine, reorganize and revise roles and responsibilities to bring the most value to your business.

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