Rackspace Weekly Digest: March 14

SXSW dominated Austin this week, as the festival moved full steam ahead.  Along with SXSW, we examined the differences between Solum and Cloud Foundry, welcomed a new training program to the Open Cloud Academy, took an inside look at our Rackspace Developer Conference and much more. Let’s dig into it all in this week’s digest.

Our Specialists At SXSW
This week, Rackspace had a team of specialists on hand at SXSW discussing everything from patent trolls and hybrid cloud to Rackspace Digital and women in tech. You can check out all of our SXSW coverage here.

A Tale Of Two Approaches To The Platform Service Layer: Cloud Foundry And Solum
Getting an application designed, tested and running, then updating and improving it is no easy task. There is a continuing quest for tooling that delivers automation of this work to allow more focus on what matters most: fast, efficient development. This tooling is often referred to as application “Platform-as-a-Service” or “PaaS.” Unfortunately, this term tends to mask a distinction we’ve found in two types of customer needs leading to different preferred approaches to use of a platform service layer. Here, we look at the differences between Cloud Foundry and Solum and how they each suit distinct platform service needs.

Get To Know The DevOps Tools Supported By Rackspace Specialists
Our Rackspace DevOps engineers are specialists in a number DevOps tools and use them to automate your environment through our DevOps Automation Service. Here’s a quick cheat sheet highlighting the DevOps tools we support. And we’re hosting a webinar on Tuesday, April 1 to discuss DevOps Automation Service in more detail.

Cloud Orchestration: Automating Deployments Of Full Stack Configurations
This week we released the Cloud Orchestration API to help configure and deploy your cloud stack topologies and applications.

Linux For Ladies: A New Tech Education Program For Women
At SXSW we unveiled our newest program designed specifically for women who are interested in pursuing technology careers, specifically in Linux. The program is called ‘Linux for Ladies.’

Leveling Up Developers At Rackspace
The Rackspace Developer Conference, dubbed Rax.io, is an opportunity for the brilliant technical minds inside our company to engage, educate and empower each other to continue solving really tough problems for customers.

Half The Cost, 6x The Performance: Massive Scale In The Rackspace Cloud
In this post, Gutensite, a Rackspace customer and Rackspace Marketplace partner highlights how it saved money and increased performance on the Rackspace Cloud.

Migrating From On-Premise Exchange To Rackspace Hosted Exchange
Migrating to a new email provider can be a daunting task, especially if you attempt it without an experienced partner. And with Microsoft ending support for Exchange 2003 in just a few weeks (April 8), you may be considering a migration sooner than you expected. With Rackspace Migration Services, we can help. Also check out our infographic on end of support for Microsoft Exchange 2003.

Inside My Home Rackspace Private Cloud, OpenStack Lab, Part 5
The first four of these posts covered setup and installation of my home lab, including the networking, PXE booting Ubuntu and installation of Rackspace Private Cloud. I ended up with two Controllers in HA and three Computes. In this post I show how easy it is to add two extra Compute nodes to the lab.

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