Rackspace Weekly Digest: March 8

This week, we updated Rackspace Private Cloud, told the world about the open cloud revolution and prepared for SXSW Interactive craziness. Take a look at the weekly digest to see what happened this week, and what’s to come.

Rackspace Private Cloud Update
This week, we took another step forward with Rackspace Private Cloud, adding new features that will simplify running an open cloud in your data center. The latest update includes an advanced operations fabric called OpenCenter and high availability, along with more choice in host operating system. Download and try Rackspace Private Cloud Software now to check it out.

Rackspace Open-Sourced The Cloud
For the past two and a half years, Rackspace has led the open cloud revolution — a movement to break the grip of closed, proprietary cloud vendors and put choice and power in the hands of customers. Now we’re ready to tell the world what we’ve been doing – and what we can do to boost businesses of all sizes. This week, an announcement about Rackspace began to appear in magazines, websites, airports and other areas with the simple message: RACKSPACE OPEN-SOURCED THE CLOUD.

StartupBus Storms The Rackspace Castle
StartupBus rolled into Rackspace’s San Antonio headquarters this week, bringing with it roughly 150 “buspreneurs” charged with conceiving, designing, building and launching new startups in just 72 hours. During the StartupBus finals, the newly-formed startups pitched their ideas to celebrity tech judges. CareerMob, a startup that connects veterans with careers in the civilian sector, took home the crown. And be sure to check out the StartupBus’ arrival at Rackspace in this edition of “A Day In The Life.”

Rackspace At SXSW
StartupBus wasn’t the only SXSW-related activity Rackspace participated in. We have a full roster of Tech Talks, startup events and other activities slated for this weekend’s SXSW Interactive festival in Austin. The Rackspace Open Cloud Experience will be headquartered at Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant. Stop by and see us. For the latest information, check out our SXSW page: http://try.rackspace.com/sxsw/. And find us on Twitter with the hash-tag #SXRackspace.

Fully Managed SharePoint On The Open Cloud
Rackspace Cloud Servers for SharePoint offer the flexibility and cost savings of the open cloud, delivered with our award-winning Fanatical Support, plus the SharePoint support, management and expertise that only Rackspace offers.

Don’t Miss The Next Enterprise Cloud Forum
Join us Wednesday, March 13 at 11 a.m. CST for the next installment of the Enterprise Cloud Forum. In this edition, Matt Montelone, Senior IT Strategist, and Rich Murr, Rackspace Vice President of IT Operations, will discuss how to most effectively retool your enterprise IT shop when adopting cloud as a business model. You will learn what an IT department should look like in a cloud world; how to reallocate internal IT resources after partnering with a service provider; how to assess your in-house skill sets – skills to develop and new skills to hire; and how to redefine, reorganize and revise roles and responsibilities to bring the most value to your business.

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