Rackspace Weekly Digest: November 15

From launching a new version of Rackspace Private Cloud to bringing our Performance Cloud Servers to two more regions, it was another busy week here at Rackspace. In this week’s digest, we cover all that and more.

Performance Cloud Servers Zoom Into Chicago, London Regions
Last week, we launched Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers, a new breed of cloud servers built to deliver exceptional levels of application performance, and made them available in our Northern Virginia (IAD) region. This week, we expanded the reach of Performance Cloud Servers to our Chicago (ORD) and London (LON) regions.

What Do We Mean By ‘Fanatical Support’?
We think of Fanatical Support as being one part great technology and one part great people. The interaction between the two is what enables our customers to leverage the power of the latest and best technologies and achieve their business goals.

Appboy Scales Horizontally With ObjectRocket MongoDB
In this guest post, Appboy, a leading mobile relationship management platform, highlighted how it uses ObjectRocket MongoDB database-as-a-service.

How I Learned MongoDB
After seeing a lot of online discussion around non-relational databases, and having talked to a number of customers looking for help with MongoDB, Racker Slade Cozart knew that it was time to get his feet wet with non-relational databases. Here are some of the steps he took and resources I used to learn MongoDB.

Rackspace Private Cloud Is Now Powered By OpenStack Havana
The newest version of Rackspace Private Cloud software is available for Early Access now, and it’s based on the latest and greatest OpenStack release: Havana.

Q&A: New Kingmakers Author Discusses The Rise Of Developers
We caught up with Stephen O’Grady, author of The New Kingmakers, to talk about the rise of developers.

Bringing OpenStack To Oregon State University
This week, Rackspace Training for OpenStack taught an OpenStack Fundamentals course at Oregon State University. Here, the director of the university’s Open Source Lab talks about OpenStack.

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