Rackspace Weekly Digest: October 18

This week we celebrated women in STEM, showed how Mailgun uses Docker and highlighted a new Developer Discount. In case you missed any of it, here’s a recap.

How Mailgun Uses Docker And Contributes Back
In this post and accompanying video, Mailgun’s Sasha Klizhentas talk about why Mailgun is excited about containers, how the company use Docker and how it contributes back.

Build Your Dreams On The Rackspace Cloud With Our Developer Discount
Part of our commitment to developers is to give you the tools you need to create, hack and build awesome things. To help, we’re offering a Developer Discount program in the US and UK that gives developers $300 in Rackspace Cloud credits over six months.

Ada Lovelace Day: Celebrate Women In STEM
This week we celebrated Ada Lovelace Day, which recognizes women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields who we see as heroes. In honor of this special day, we showcased a number of exciting things Rackspace has done (and is doing) to honor some of our brightest female Rackers while engaging young women to pursue careers in tech.

Do I Have A Big Data Problem?
In a recent webinar we asked you to consider the question: ‘Do I have a Big Data problem?’ Here’s a full recap.

Cloud, Infrastructure And Economics
Amid all of the buzz around cloud technology, it is critical for IT organizations to understand the economic aspects of this technology beyond differences between CapEx and OpEx that have been discussed ad nauseam.

Mobile And Cloud – A Perfect Yin And Yang For Enterprise Mobility
Rackspace and FeedHenry partnered today to deliver a completely open, cloud-based Mobile Application Platform designed to be the most flexible, scalable and secure solution in the industry.

Scale Your Testing: Prepare for More
Testing is a good thing. It has to be – the world is telling us it is. Nevertheless, people struggle with how to do testing well and at scale. Here, we talk about how to scale your testing.

One Of The Big Phish
At Rackspace, Fanatical Support is part of everything we do, especially when it comes to security, which is why we take security education and awareness for our employees seriously. One way we do this, is through internal phishing campaigns.

SharePoint Customers: It’s Your Data, Not Ours!
After months of hard work, the SharePoint team at Rackspace flipped the switch on our new Per-User SharePoint online offering and made it available to all.

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