Rackspace Archiving Releases Version 2

Filed in Product & Development by Tom DuScheid | August 30, 2011 11:19 am

Imagine you’re the mayor of a small town where population grows from zero to the size of a small city in under two years. We faced this challenging, yet exciting, reality with Rackspace Archiving. Our user base grew phenomenally in a short time forcing us to find innovative ways to keep up with growth effectively and efficiently.

Rackspace Archiving Enters the Cloud

Accommodating the rapid growth required a whole new way of thinking about software-as-a-service. While other archiving providers still run on limited servers, we rebuilt our search infrastructure and moved it onto the cloud. This allows our system to scale accordingly whether 5,000 or 100,000 users are searching their archive.

As a result, Rackspace Archiving Version 2 provides our customers a better overall experience with more stability and speed. This is absolutely groundbreaking. Wouldn’t it be nice if the highway system scaled that way to automatically create new lanes when traffic becomes congested?

What’s New in Version 2?

Not only did we rebuild much of our infrastructure with innovation, but we also added new features. We know that search is the key element of an archiving system. To make it easier for our users to find that one email out of possibly millions, we added new search features:

We also know that users want to quickly and confidently export their email data. Users can now export up to 15,000 messages or up to 3.5GB of data right from their archive. For users who need to export large volumes of data, we also offer a bulk export to hard drive option.

Many more new features, plus updated support materials, are available to further enhance your experience. Give Rackspace Archiving a try now.[1] If you have questions or feedback, as the Product Manager for Rackspace Archiving, I want to hear from you! Send me an email at tom.duscheid@rackspace.com[2]. 

  1. Give Rackspace Archiving a try now.: http://www.rackspace.com/apps/email_hosting/email_archiving/
  2. tom.duscheid@rackspace.com: mailto:tom.duscheid@rackspace.com

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