Rackspace Archiving Version 2 – Built on Racker Core Values

Recently, I wrote about our excitement around the move to Rackspace Archiving Version 2. I also briefly mentioned the challenges of the product’s rapid growth. In order to move our customer base to a new version and new environment, we’ve relied on Rackspace Core Values – our special recipe that allows us to be different and pushes us to be fanatical. How did Core Values foster the success of Rackspace Archiving Version 2?

Fanatical Support® in All We Do

Our frontline support representatives are our stars. They truly represent what it means to be fanatical. As a result of their contagious fanaticism, Fanatical Support spreads throughout our organization. If our customers have a bad day, so do our Support Team, Operations Team, Product Team, etc. Despite Blacksburg being a 1,000 miles away from our Support team, I feel the emotions of our support team on a bad day.

Results First, Substance Over Flash

We recognized early on that we were growin – fast. A simple band-aid approach could have been implemented. However, we knew that the right approach would involve taking the hard road. This meant rebuilding much of our Archiving platform and carefully migrating customers over. Results? Substance – no flash.

Committed to Greatness

Rackspace CEO, Lanham Napier, once said, “Greatness is achieved when our customers say we are great.” What is our measurement stick? By heavily tracking our Net Promoter score, a measure of customer satisfaction, we can confirm that we are performing at or above our customers’ expectations. We’re seeing an upward move in our scores due to the recent improvements, and we continue to work toward earning and maintaining a 10 from each of our customers.

Full Disclosure and Transparency

As they say, communication is half the battle. We notified customers two days in advance that they would be moving to Version 2 and the changes being made. We then followed up with our customers after the migration to let them know that they were now on Version 2. Plus, Resellers and Enterprise customers also received special information packets to share with their users.

Passion for Our Work

This Core Value shined during this project with engineering, product, and frontline support working tirelessly to ensure that our course of action was in customers’ best interest and that everyone involved had the proper information to understand, inform, and reassure customers throughout the transition. I am especially proud of our main support subject matter expert, Chester Mann. Not only did Chester work ardulously to support our customers, but he also spoke up on behalf of the customers and the support team, and helped us to implement new processes to further improve the customer experience.

Treat Fellow Rackers Like Friends and Family

Can you tell I think very highly of our support, operations, and R&D teams for all their amazing work? Not only do I appreciate them for their passion and knowledge, but they are also my friends and family too. Every couple months, I travel to San Antonio to see them. It’s always like seeing distant family members where I can catch up with them at dinner and talk about old times. Building a product on cloud technology brings many advantages. But our real differentiator is Rackers and the Core Values that we live by. And I am proud now more than ever to be a part of this differentiator.

Read more about Rackspace Core Values on the RackerTalent site. Get more information about Rackspace Archiving online now.

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