Rackspace Chairman, Graham Weston, Visits Raxburg

A couple of weeks ago, the chairman of Rackspace, Graham Weston, visited the Blacksburg, VA office, also known as Raxburg. Situated near the Blue Ridge Mountains and literally steps away from Virginia Tech, the alma mater for many in the office, Raxburg serves as a center for software and app development, in addition to housing product management, user experience, HR, and IT teams. During his visit, Weston toured the office and gave the keynote speech for the Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council (RBTC)’s Fall Membership Gala. I had the pleasure of meeting Weston and I thought I’d share my experience with you.

The visit started off with Graham speaking to the ‘under renovation’ Blacksburg office.  The story of Rackspace is really amazing.  It’s a story of challenges and triumph.  Rackspace did not quite start off as a customer service organization – we learned after many failings that Fanatical Support® was the right way to go.  Our company went public during the recession, yet we have grown exponentially during the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Later that day, Graham presented the keynote speech.  In it, Graham gave an inspiring and educational talk about customer service and how this economy is the right time for the members of the RBTC to reach for glory.

The evening was capped off with deserts and drinks.  Perhaps the coolest moment for me was meeting Graham Weston, I can’t begin to tell you how kind and friendly he was to me and everyone else in attendance.  He made his way around each table of Rackers and introduced himself.  I even had a couple minutes to share my Rackspace story with him. Graham Weston’s visit has helped me further understand why Rackspace is exceptional.  Watch his keynote speech below.

RBTC 2011 Fall Membership Gala – Keynote Speaker: Graham Weston, Chairman of Rackspace from Roanoke-Blacksburg Tech Council on Vimeo.


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