Rackspace is the Most Reliable Web Host

Filed in by Kirk Averett | October 13, 2006 8:56 pm

Netcraft[1] just voted Rackspace the most reliable web hosting company in the industry[2] (in September). As many of you already know, Rackspace[3] is our primary hosting company for our email hosting and related services. We currently have hundreds of servers hosted with them and are adding close to a dozen more every month.
We didn’t need a Netcraft report to know that Rackspace is as good as it gets. From their Fanatical Support[4] to their Zero Downtime Network[5], Rackspace has been the best partner we could ever ask for—three years running now.
We’ve been around the block with web hosting companies and while Rackspace isn’t the cheapest company out there, we feel that the investment we make in them is well worth it. They bring an enormous amount of value to our team—and of course, to our customers[6] and resellers[7].
If you’re ever considering a web hosting company and want to talk about Rackspace, get in touch with me. I’m happy to talk about them and I’ll give it to you straight.

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