Rackspace Webmail Tips for New Users

New to Rackspace Webmail? If so, check out the tips below to learn how to use some of the cool features that webmail has to offer.

Tip I – Adding a BCC Recipient to an Email

To add a BCC recipient to your email, click Compose and then click directly on the TO field. This will result in a pop-up box to add recipients in the BCC field.

Tip II – Turn on a Vacation Message

Will you be out of the office for the holidays? If so, activate your vacation message to let senders know your schedule. To activate your vacation message, from webmail, click Settings, then Incoming Email, then Auto-Reply, and set the status to “On”. You can then fill in your message and, if you’d like, enable the message for a specific timeframe. Once your preferences are set, click Save and your message will activate immediately or on the scheduled timeframe that you selected.

Tip III – Create Signatures

Shave a few seconds off of email composition by creating and saving your signature. With webmail, you can save multiple signatures, even upload custom .jpeg, .gif, or .bmp file of your signature. To create a signature, click Settings, then Composing. In the Composing window, click the Signatures tab, then the Add New Signature link. Enter your signature information or click the picture icon in the toolbar to upload a signature file. Click OK. Select how you’d like your signature to appear on messages, and then click Save. If you would like to make this signature your default signature, this can be done by editing your identity on the Identities tab. Once you click Edit you can choose a default signature at the bottom.

For more instructions on using Rackspace webmail, view the Support Site section on Webmail Settings.

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