Rackspace::Solve New York: Docker Examines The Future Of Applications

This guest post was written by Ken Cochrane, Engineering Manager at Docker.

The time has come to change the way we create, develop and ship applications. At Docker, we believe it should be quick and painless to ship application workloads across environments (dev, test and production) and hosts (laptops, data centers and clouds). Docker container technology is quickly pushing us toward that reality.

Docker eliminates the friction between environments to provide faster app delivery, infinite deployment flexibility and improved service levels.

Before Docker, developers and sysadmins needed to take an application, combine it with an operating system and emulate the entire server to make it portable. Now, there’s a simpler way: dockerizing the app. Docker leverages underlying container technology to ensure containers are simple to use, portable between environments and accessible to developers and sysadmins. To provide tools and resources for increased collaboration, Docker recently established a cloud-based registry known as Docker Hub. With Docker containers and the work we’re doing with our partners, like Rackspace, we’re making it possible to build, ship and run any app, anywhere.


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  1. Docker says “it possible to build, ship and run any app, anywhere”
    Dokerising the app looks promising solution to ship and run any app, anywhere with less pain.
    But how its going to help me in building a application?


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