Rainn Wilson Of ‘The Office’ Gives Rackspace A Shout Out

Question…why was Rainn Wilson, the actor famous for cultivating the role of Dwight Schrute, the socially inept paper salesman and beet farmer on NBC’s “The Office,” giving Rackspace a shout out in Los Angeles last week?

Answer…Rackspace hosts the web site for SoulPancake, the new media company Wilson launched with two friends three years ago.

So at the X Prize Foundation’s Visioneering 2012 event last week in L.A., Wilson wasn’t just singing the praises of Dunder Mifflin Sabre, he was trumpeting how Rackspace helps SoulPancake stay up and running.

In a 30-second video clip, the actor and writer, along with his friend and SoulPancake co-founder Devon Gundry, thanks Rackspace for “doing such a great job at racking our space.” The duo also gives a special shout out to Rackspace Senior Account Manager Chris O’Connell and the B2 team. Wilson and Gundry said that SoulPancake appreciates the team’s work so much they’ve renamed the B2 team “the badass boll weevils.”

SoulPancake bills itself as a place to speak your mind, unload your questions and figure out what it means to be human. The three-year-old company boasts the tagline “Chew on Life’s Big Questions” and offers a web site where users can explore topics like spirituality, creativity, religion, arts and philosophy – or “big think” topics – through articles, videos, creative challenges and conversations.

The X Prize Foundation’s Visioneering event brings together attendees from all industries in a spirit of collaboration. The gathering draws some of the greatest minds in the field of future development to address and discuss some of “the world’s grandest challenges.” Rackspace Chairman and Co-Founder Graham Weston participated in the event.

We love hearing from our customers, and we’re pumped about SoulPancake’s enthusiasm.

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