Razorfish – Welcome to the Cloud!

Razorfish, the company who helps build brands like Carnival Cruise Lines, MillerCoors LLC, Levi’s, and McDonald’s, is now officially a member of the Mosso, The Rackspace Cloud!  It’s really exciting to be the hosting platform behind a creative company like Razorfish and all of their worldwide clients.  Their brands generate buzz—which can generate pretty big traffic spikes—making them the perfect customer for the fluid scaling technology of Cloud Sites.

We started Mosso to support innovative and creative companies, from worldwide agencies like Razorfish to two-employee startups. To us, that’s the real promise of the cloud: to bring every company, at every stage of development, the same kind of global infrastructure that was once reserved for the elite few.

Razorfish – Welcome to the cloud!

For more information, please see the press release.

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