Redefining Hybrid Cloud, Partnership At EMC World

The IT industry is in a perpetual state of change, but what remains constant is the need for uptime and airtight storage with unwavering support.  Now, more than ever, this is of increasing importance with the third platform, described by IDC as an “emerging platform for growth and innovation built on the technology pillars of mobile computing, cloud services, big data and analytics, and social networking.” And for more than a decade, Rackspace and EMC have worked together to provide our customers with the solutions their businesses need to grow and adjust to this dynamic world of IT. These are the tools they need to redefine their businesses.

Our partnership is deep. Rackspace and EMC are working together to redefine the hybrid cloud and embrace the third platform. We’ve joined forces with EMC on a host of solutions such as Storage Replication Manager, Disaster Recovery, SharePoint, Exchange, and Rackspace Private Cloud built on OpenStack. Further, we have specialists with deep expertise to support mission critical applications across big data, commerce, and mobile, all areas that are growing and pivoting rapidly.

Rackspace and EMC form a true alliance. At Rackspace, we proactively engage with EMC in many arenas – thought leadership, joint marketing campaigns, field and enterprise sales activities, specialization efforts and more. Together, we go to market with strong solutions that help us ensure we’re offering our customers the Fanatical Support they’ve come to expect, along with the industry-leading uptime that they demand.

The past 10 years have set the stage. We’re continuing to work closely with EMC to examine emerging technologies and to capture the next big thing.

I invite you to explore the next big thing with Rackspace and EMC at EMC World May 5 through May 8 in Las Vegas. We’ll showcase our partnership and highlight how together, we build best-in-class enterprise storage solutions that are a best fit for our customers.

Make plans to join us at 4 p.m. Wednesday, May 7 for our breakout session “Migrating Traditional Apps from On-Premises to the Hybrid Cloud.” During the session, Rackspace will discuss the five-step path to a hybrid cloud that marries bare-metal servers, VMware virtualization, EMC storage and public cloud.

You can also come by Booth No. 256 to talk with an on-site specialist about the best ways to redefine your business with the hybrid cloud and the third platform. Check out the Rackspace agenda for details on where to find us during EMC World 2014.


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