Reflections On The OpenStack Design Summit & Conference 2012 (Part 2)

The OpenStack Design Summit & Conference, which brought together developers, customers and more to hash out the next OpenStack release, Folsom, was a whirlwind, and in a pair of blog posts I’ll try to break down exactly what happened when OpenStack stormed San Francisco in mid-April. Yesterday, I showcased the Design Summit, today I’ll zero in on the Conference.

The OpenStack Conference on Thursday and Friday had its highlights as well, starting with the General Session that included marquee keynotes from speakers such as Nebula CEO Chris C. Kemp, HP Cloud Services Senior Vice President and General Manager Zorawar “Biri” Singh, Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth, Rackspace CTO John Engates and Rackspace Vice President of Product Mark Interrante.

Video recordings were made of all the keynote sessions, but they have not yet been posted. Once available, you will be able to find them at For review, I’ve added a synopsis and links to the session descriptions:

Emergence of the OpenStack Ecosystem
     • Kemp of Nebula, Inc. provided an overview of the emergence, dynamics and structure of the OpenStack Ecosystem and how it will reshape the $3 trillion global IT industry.

Ushering in the Open API Economy through HP Cloud Services and OpenStack
     • In this session HP’s Singh shared the company’s full vision behind HP Cloud Services, the advantages of designing the service with OpenStack technology at the core and shared how the company’s differentiated hybrid delivery model is ensuring development interoperability and workload portability.

From Blue Skies to Big Deployments
     • Shuttleworth brought the perspective of lessons learned in Ubuntu, which is itself shifting gears from being a popular prototyping platform to being adopted as core infrastructure in large scale deployments.
     • At the end of his presentation,  Shuttleworth announced that Canonical will support OpenStack release back-porting into all long-term-support Ubuntu releases with Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin. For more information, please see the Canonical release statement for Precise Pangolin.

OpenStack – The Revolution is Real
     • Rackspace’s Engates and Interrante, Vice President showcased the realities of OpenStack-based products and what they means for Rackspace and the industry.
     • The session featured a demo of next generation cloud from Rackspace which showcased Nova Compute scale, Cloud Networks, Cloud Block Storage and the new Rackspace Cloud Control Panel.

There was a great amount of OpenStack user stories that were also discussed at the Conference. I encourage you to check them all out as they are really pushing the boundaries of cloud computing and coming up with revolutionary ways to change the technology landscape. Customer stories included:

Deutsche Telecom
Radio Free Asia
San Diego Supercomputer Center
Enabling the X.commerce Cloud
Argonne National Laboratory Magellan

And last but not least there were all of the “State of Project” sessions that covered OpenStack Core projects. Video recordings of these sessions will also be posted as soon as they are available. The videos will highlight:

Swift – Object Storage
Keystone – Identity
Nova – Compute
Horizon – Dashboard

There were great presentations and it was clear the momentum for OpenStack is still going strong. This year definitely showed that OpenStack is a maturing project and community, and the new technologies, companies and business strategies based on OpenStack are concrete proof that OpenStack is here to stay.

For a full listing of all Conference sessions, please see the following link.

Wayne Walls is a Cloud Architect at Rackspace, where he evangelizes global cloud strategy. A tenured technology leader, Wayne has engineered complex technical solutions, delivered IT transformation plans, and implemented multiple training initiatives around cloud computing. Co-maintainer of the Rackspace Developer blog, Wayne is helping developers, engineers, and executives understand cloud technologies and how to turn that knowledge into tangible returns. He holds a B.S. of Information Systems and a B.A. of Economics from the University of Oklahoma. Follow him on Twitter at @waynewalls.


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