Register Today: Limited Availability for Free Rackspace::Solve OpenStack Workshop

Previous Rackspace::Solve workshops have included deep dives into AWS (above), Microsoft Azure and VMware. Join us next week for the OpenStack private cloud workshop.

OpenStack is the de facto standard for private Clouds today — but if you’re new to the OpenStack community, you’re probably looking for help to better understand how OpenStack can help your organization.

Well, look no further. Register today for a free half-day workshop as part of Rackspace::Solve, to be held on June 5 at the Philadelphia Marriott West in Conshocken, PA.

Rackspace’s own Kenneth Hui, senior technical marketing engineer and OpenStack evangelist, and Red Hat Technical Cloud Evangelist Jeff Ekstrom will prepare attendees for their OpenStack journey.

From kicking off your OpenStack private cloud expedition to mastering your full production environment, Ken and Jeff will provide step by step instruction on how to wrangle the world of OpenStack. The workshop will be broken down into four parts:

OpenStack Essentials: What You Need to Start Your Private Cloud Journey

This overview by Ken will explain how the various OpenStack projects come together to create a production cloud platform. Attendees will learn:

  • The essential components of OpenStack
  • What is new in the latest OpenStack release
  • How the project moves from conception to product
  • The pros and cons of various OpenStack consumption models

You’ve Deployed Your OpenStack Cloud, But What About Day 2?

The biggest barriers to OpenStack and private cloud deployments are complexity and the lack of day 2 operations skills in this space. As one of the founders of OpenStack and operator of the world’s largest OpenStack cloud, we’ve applied that experience and expertise to partner with Red Hat to build our managed Red Hat OpenStack Platform offering. Join us as we share the lessons we have learned creating this joint offering and operating Red Hat OpenStack Platform on behalf of customers.

Attendees will learn:

  • How we integrated Rackspace’s managed services tooling with Red Hat’s OpenStack distribution to give customers a public cloud experience in a private cloud setting
  • What we’ve done make to make Red Hat OpenStack Platform even more scalable then what it may be out of the box
  • What Rackspace and Red Hat has done to create a non-disruptive upgrade process around Red Hat OpenStack Platform

The Real World: OpenStack in Production

See what problems OpenStack customers are solving as we walk users through real life scenarios that we are seeing in the field. Scenarios will range from basic IT transformation to complex networking functions and data analytics. The combined perspective of Red Hat and Rackspace should give users a feel for how they can incorporate OpenStack into their own hybrid cloud solutions.

Use cases covered include:

  • Agile software development
  • Ecommerce and retail
  • Big data analytics

Red Hat and Rackspace: Uniting Around Open Source

Explore how Red Hat and Rackspace are partnering to productize Open Source technologies, such as OpenStack, Ceph and CloudForms in order to build the best possible managed private cloud solution. We will discuss the initial engineering efforts to build the platform, technology enablement that is ongoing, and methodology used for testing and upgrading the platform.

Given the operational challenges of an OpenStack cloud, this talk will illustrate the value that the Red Hat and Rackspace partnership brings to a managed cloud. In this talk we will include:

  • Upstream and architectural changes to enable the platform
  • Availability of the platform
  • Full stack Red Hat technologies enabled on the platform
  • Build, test, and upgrade procedures

Jeff and Ken will wrap the day sharing more lessons learned deploying and managing OpenStack Private clouds in production. We will also take questions from participants about anything related to OpenStack, hybrid clouds, private clouds and open source infrastructure.

Are you ready to join the OpenStack movement?  Reserve your seat today!

Where: Philadelphia Marriott West | Conshohocken, PA

When: June 5, 2017

Time: 12:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. (followed by networking reception until 6 p.m.)

About the Speakers:

Jeff Ekstrom, Red Hat

Jeff Ekstrom, Technical Cloud Evangelist, Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider program. Jeff has extensive experience with cloud strategy and architecture; his industry experience includes telecommunications, federal government and insurance. His cloud strategy focus includes both open source technologies and hybrid cloud enablement. Jeff joined Red Hat in late 2015, where he has been promoting and designing Red Hat solutions within Red Hat’s partner ecosystem. Prior to that, Jeff worked for companies including Accenture, The Coca-Cola Corporation and SAIC.

Kenneth Hui, Rackspace

Kenneth Hui is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Rackspace and an OpenStack evangelist.

Ken is passionate about helping customers with their Cloud Computing journey. He lives in New York City where he can indulge in his love of great food from all around the world.

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