Reliable Apps Require A Reliable Cloud

As developers begin deploying their applications to the cloud, one thing that they should consider is the infrastructure of their cloud host. It is well documented that companies struggle to build an application on an unreliable cloud. Not all clouds are made equal, and it is important to understand how Rackspace has designed our cloud for better reliability giving developers the ability to focus on building a great application.

Building a more reliable cloud starts with the design of our host servers.  Two of the most common server failures are caused by power supply and hard disk failures.  Through the use of redundant power supplies and RAID 10 storage volumes, we are able to deliver instances that are more resilient. Additionally, our monitoring systems are able to proactively detect conditions that are likely to cause an outage in the future so that we are able to notify customers ahead of time.

Rackspace data centers are also engineered for reliability.  Our UPS power and cooling systems are designed for N+1 redundancy, allowing for failures to occur without interrupting your business.  Rackspace also leverages diverse carriers, which enter our data centers at disparate locations to ensure that we’re able to provide the best possible connectivity to the Rackspace Cloud.  You can learn more about our data center designs here.

The Rackspace Cloud powered by OpenStack is a far more robust environment: by building on a reliable environment in the open that is backed by our Fanatical Support, developers can take their applications to the next level.

While Rackspace provides a great foundation for building a more reliable application, there are several important steps you need to take to maximize the availability of your application with the most important being leveraging multiple Cloud Servers behind a Cloud Load Balancer.  With this configuration, you are able to protect yourself from a host server failure and increased levels of traffic to your application.

These are the same strategies for maximizing availability regardless of the cloud you are hosting on; however, doing this on a platform engineered for better reliability gives your app a significant advantage. For those developers who value the availability of their application, there is a far better value of hosting in the Rackspace Cloud. Developers should be spending more time building a great application instead of working around infrastructure challenges.

Josh leads product development for the Cloud Platform Product Line where he is responsible for product management, engineering, and operations for the Cloud Sites, Load Balancing, Database and DNS product offerings.


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