Renewable Energy Use Earns Rackspace EPA Green Power Partner Recognition

The New Year has greeted Rackspace with some great, green news. For the second consecutive year, Rackspace has been named an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Partner and featured on the Top 30 Tech & Telecom List.

Our global purchase of 35 percent renewable energy in 2013, which shakes out to 17 percent stateside, helped Rackspace come in at No. 16 on the Top 30 Tech & Telecom list. Rackspace is serious about its goal to power our global operations with renewable energy and our goal is to continue to increase our usage by 5 percent each year until we get there. We strongly believe that access to renewable, reliable and affordable energy is key to our growth and the growth of our customers, and the many successes we’ll share. In 2012, we purchased 30 percent renewables and in 2014 we plan to increase that amount to 40 percent.

As a key tenet of our Global Energy Policy, Rackspace is fully committed to using renewables, and we are constantly evaluating and assessing options to add more in our global mix. We have also worked to build a strong culture focused on energy conservation and efficiency, which play a key role in the decisions we make as a business.

We’re truly honored and excited that the EPA has recognized our devotion to leveraging renewable energy. We look forward to another great year working toward a greener, greater future and to building a better planet together.

As Rackspace’s Sustainability Manager, Rachel Romoff drove and measured efficiencies for the way Rackers buy, build and operate. Rachel also chaired Rackspace’s Global Electronic Waste Team, a cross-functional group that defines and guides the company’s E-Waste strategy. In 2008, Rachel joined the company as a member of the Public Relations team, with responsibility for strategic, external communications pertaining to a variety of corporate initiatives. A native Philadelphian, Rachel received her B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from Arizona State University.


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