Report Spam

Ideas for features and enhancements in our applications come
from a ton of different sources. One of our recent enhancements was suggested by several customers and also by none
other than Mrs. Matthews, our CEO.s mother. She mentioned to Pat, ….you have to ‘open’ it [the email]
before you can report it as SPAM!. 

Our webmail application recently still required users to open an
email in order to mark it as spam. Since
I don.t get spam in my work email (which is amazing), I never realized that
this was a problem. When I heard what
Pat.s mom and others had to say, I decided that it needed to be fixed. So last week we added the ability to
Report Spam to the actions dropdown. Now
users can report spam without opening messages as well as report multiple
emails as spam at the same time.

Again, thanks to Mrs. Matthews and our many customers for the great ideas you pass along.

If anyone else has any ideas, please let us know by
commenting on our blog.

-Mike B.

  • Jim Robertus

    You did it! It works! Wow that was fast. Thank you. Thank you. I love it!