Repositioning Rackspace: My Goals as the New CMO

Mark Bunting is Rackspace’s newly appointed CMO. Read more about Mark and the experience he brings to Rackspace.

For more than two decades, I had the privilege of talking about technology on TV via appearances on The Discovery Channel, CNBC, The Learning Channel, Fox and my own series, “Bunting’s Window.” These experiences gave me a ringside seat to some of the biggest companies and most talented people in the field. Yet the opportunity I see at Rackspace is something I have rarely seen in those 20 years — and it’s what has made me so excited to join the Rackspace team.

We have so many assets: a deep pool of talent, the broadest cloud portfolio on the market and a 20-year legacy of Fanatical Support — our “Golden Arches.” But Rackspace has also long been a company that broadcasts its assets modestly, despite the company’s ability to evolve and stay one step ahead in the world of ever-changing IT. From our humble beginnings as a hosting company, to today’s position as an unbiased, trusted partner, we are now able to guide businesses through their entire digital transformation journey.

My challenge as CMO, and what I am most excited to take on, is to help the market understand that Rackspace has continued to evolve; to help companies understand the breadth and depth of the world-class services we offer and the talent we have to support them. Today more than ever, companies need a trusted partner to guide them, a partner who can meet them wherever they are on their transformation journey; from planning, to scaling, to relentless adoption of tomorrow’s technologies. They need an expert who is predictive and innovative — who can see the future and drive business outcomes.

Rackspace can be that expert partner, and it will be my job to tell our story and update our position in the market, as we move beyond Fanatical Support to the more encompassing Fanatical Experience.

As a follower of Rackspace, you’ll soon see this story come to life, and I look forward to using our efforts to talk more broadly to other C-Suiters about how best to approach the work of repositioning an enterprise, no matter the industry.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sharing more exciting announcements, including a new partnership with a world class ad agency, the hiring of new key talent to add to our already stellar team of dedicated marketers, and a host of other new initiatives designed to make Rackspace the most trusted and customer-centric IT partner in the world.

As a marketer and builder, I see infinite opportunities for Rackspace to help all enterprises, big and small, realize the full potential of their IT investments. I look forward to working with our unparalleled employees around the globe to share our story, and I hope you’ll follow along.

Mark Bunting served as Rackspace Chief Marketing Officer from 2018-2019. He oversaw the global marketing practice, including global marketing strategy and all aspects of the marketing organization including communications, brand, advertising, creative, digital, field and channel marketing. Mark’s leadership objective was to ensure all customers of Rackspace understand the full breadth of what the company provides as an unbiased, trusted advisor in today’s multi-cloud world. Mark also oversaw the transformation of the Rackspace brand. Mark brought more than 25 years of experience as a technologist, author, TV personality and influencer to Rackspace. He has served as interim CEO and CMO at various technology companies where his experiences ranged from driving traditional marketing strategy and deployment, to sales and marketing organizational restructure, to agency and personnel selection and team building. Mark has also held acting C-suite roles at Apollo Education and McAfee, and currently serves as a mentor to numerous technology start-ups at the Texas-based accelerator Capital Factory. In addition to his experience in the C-suite, Mark is a recognized TV personality on the topic of demystifying technology and has appeared on programs for The Discovery Channel, CNBC, The Learning Channel, Fox and his own series, “Bunting’s Window,” which ran for 23 years on 11 airlines globally. A serial entrepreneur, he has also founded numerous digital and media brands, including SkyTV, which was sold to Ziff-Davis. Mark is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where he is currently a lecturer at the Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations. He is based in the company’s San Antonio and Austin, TX offices. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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