Reseller Roundup: Top 5 Questions I Get From My Rackspace Cloud Sites Customers

As a reseller of Rackspace Cloud Sites, I get a lot of questions concerning the service in general and also about my particular offerings and plans. What I find is that most, if not all, of my potential and realized clients are very technical people — in many cases more so than I am —  and they ask a lot of very detailed, technical questions. Of course, that is no problem, because I have 24×7 access to a chat with a Rackspace technician through whom I can find the answers to even the most obscure questions, and get back to my clients almost immediately. I’d say around 90 percent of the questions I receive come from various directions and are all a little bit different. Still, there are some common themes that come up when my customers call. Here are the five most common questions/thoughts that I receive from my Rackspace Cloud Sites customers:

1. What happens to my site/sites if I go over the limits of the plans you set as a reseller? Do they stop working?

No. We just bill you for the overages at the end of the month. It’ll keep on running as strong as ever! And the Cloud Panel gives both me and the client detailed, day by day running tracks of their usage, which is a great feature for both parties. We encourage you to use as much as you want or need! We want you to go for it, to be successful. Yes, I would make more money if you went over, but I’m assuming that you, as a client, would also make more if your traffic spikes. So our interests are aligned. And what’s more, you get the feel from Cloud Sites in general that it wants to be utilized, that it loves to expand and meet your growing needs. It’s elastic. I know it’s a bit esoteric to say, but that’s the spirit I feel in this product as opposed to other products. And believe me; I have a lot of clients who tell me the same thing.

2. But other services offer “unlimited” resources for a comparable price as yours.

I always say that “unlimited” sounds and feels good in theory, but what would happen to your site if 1,000 people all hit it at once? It would probably go down. So what good is unlimited if the site doesn’t work? For instance, I’m a big fan of Leo Laporte and his netcasts. And countless times I’ve seen him introduce new sites to listeners — sites he really likes — and then those sites crash because his entire audience is trying to go to that one URL. What a missed opportunity, I always think.

3. Before I migrate my sites, how successful is your web hosting venture, and more specifically, is it a long term venture?

I think this question is really key for resellers. With individuals like us, since we aren’t necessarily brands, or at least big brands, it’s not about the money, but about the trust. I tell my customers and potential customers the truth. I recently told one customer (he did become a customer by the way, and we have a great relationship. He’s almost a friend really.) exactly how many clients I have, but I also told him that I have my own sites that I run on Cloud Sites, so even if I didn’t have any clients I wouldn’t cancel my account. I was transparent. I told him the number of sites I have and the average rate at which I add. That honesty showed that I’m in it for the long haul.

4. If I start off with the basic plan that you offer as a reseller and find it’s not big enough, can I move up to your advanced plan without taking my site off line?

Here’s one of the best features of Cloud Sites from a reseller’s point of view: not only can resellers create as many custom “plans” as they like to offer to customers, which takes just a few seconds, they can also switch a customer to a different plan with just a click or two and it doesn’t affect a customer’s site or data. It allows me to bill based on what customers consume. So simple, so clean, so easy. It’s a great feature for both the reseller and the client.

5.  I’m interested in Rackspace Cloud Sites, but I am still thinking about how much I need. I will contact you again when I made final decision, but I hope you can tell me how long it will take you to set up my account.

This is one of the greatest features of Cloud Sites. Basically, after I enter the customer’s information, it only takes two clicks and a couple of minutes to set up their domain. The neat thing is that all of that technology, the LAMP stack or .NET if that’s chosen, not only provisions automatically, but is totally managed and kept up to date (cutting edge up to date) by Rackspace. So while the user — and me by the way — has all this incredible power under the hood, we never have to service it ourselves or make an appointment to take it in and get serviced! That leaves us with 100 percent time to focus on our great content and apps.

Well, those are my “Top 5.″ Are yours any different or similar? I would love to hear back from you. I’m also curious if you have the same experience as I do, where the typical potential client is not only already familiar with the Mosso or Cloud Sites, but also above average as far as technical acumen. I think that goes with the Rackspace brand in general – it’s cutting edge. And while it’s truly technologically advanced and cutting edge, Cloud Sites is very easy and friendly to use.

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