Resident Austin Geek Michelle Greer Joins The Rackspace Cloud Team

Michelle Greer, Sr. Mgr. Corporate Development

Cloud computing will fuel the next generation of bigger, stronger, and faster applications and is critical to evolving how we utilize computing and the world wide web. The cultural implications of being able to deploy servers on the fly and scale up and down so quickly and affordably are amazing to me. I am so excited to be here to see what The Rackspace Cloud customers end up building on our infrastructure.

I am the Community Manager for Rackspace Cloud Tools. Rather than building tools for managing and deploying instances on our cloud, we’ve decided to partner with software companies who specialize in cloud tools already. This allows us to focus on our efforts on what we do best, which is offering you solid web hosting with Rackspace’s Fanatical Support.

In essence, I’m like Q from James Bond or Alfred from Batman. Tune in to this blog every Thursday when we’ll be introducing one or more great tools to help you set up and monitor anything on the cloud.

Please take a look at our Rackspace Cloud Tools site. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at michelle.greer(at) or ping me on Twitter at @michellegreer.

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