Are Your Resources Secure for the Cloud? [Webinar]

When the security of your cloud resources is a high priority, having the right knowledge and expertise is essential.

Not all the proven security practices of the past work in today’s interconnected, heterogeneous world. Most organizations are fighting today’s war with yesterday’s tools and approaches, such as protecting perimeters with passwords and firewalls — and they’re losing.

There is no silver bullet. IT leaders are forced to search for information about how to best secure their services and implement the wide expanse of security controls available through the massive and disjointed set of information around cloud security on the Internet. Who wants to do all that? It’s a lot of overhead and can mean long hours of tedious searching.

Many simply don’t have the resources and in-house expertise to ensure their cloud resources are secure and ready to be ported to the cloud, or to understand the performance metrics required for these applications to be “cloud-ready.”

With these challenges in mind, we invite you to sign up for our June 14 webinar “Azure Security and Identity Management Best Practices.” Hear from our panel of featured Rackspace security experts for an in-depth discussion covering these cloud security best practices:

  • Developing an identity and authentication cloud strategy,
  • Using Azure as your base infrastructure,
  • Developing a core set of VM best practices,
  • Leveraging security managed services for security operations and compliance assistance.

Hosted by Rackspace, webinar presenters include:

Rackspace Chief Technologist, Microsoft Technologies Jeff DeVerter, who is responsible for the roadmap and delivery of Fanatical Support for Microsoft technology inside and outside our data centers. Jeff has been with Rackspace for more than seven years and has built several of our service offerings, including Dedicated SharePoint, Dedicated Exchange, Dedicated Lync and Microsoft Cloud Platform.

Rackspace Director of Strategy & Operations Jarret Raim, who is responsible for the development, implementation and support of all customer-facing security products and services. Jarret has served in several roles at Rackspace including in internal security architecture and product management. Jarret was responsible for creating the Barbican key management product, which is now part of the official OpenStack ecosystem as well as building capabilities around Rackspace’s efforts in the cryptographic engineering space, specifically around the PyCA cryptography library.

Rackspace Microsoft Certified Master in Directory Services, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master in Directory Services Benjamin Villanueva, who has spent the past 25 years in IT working with identity and access management products and solutions from Microsoft. Benjamin has also worked as an IT consultant for the health care, financial, public and private sectors focusing on large enterprise customers across the globe.

He is also an ITIL certified professional and author of multiple whitepapers within the IT industry. Benjamin has participated in all early adopter programs for the Microsoft Public and Private Cloud offerings, where he has gained the knowledge and expertise required to create a true hybrid environment. He currently is the Azure solutions architect expert on identity and access management for Rackspace helping customers bridge the divide between on-premise active directory infrastructure and Azure public cloud infrastructure.

Make sure and sign up for the webinar, we hope to see you on June 14!


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