Restructure Your IT Organization To Be A Profit Center In A Cloud World

In the latest installment of the Enterprise Cloud Forum Vice President of Rackspace IT Operations Rich Murr and I highlighted how IT organizations need to reorganize and retrain IT talent to be most effective in a cloud world. If you missed the live webinar, you can now view the presentation and download the mp3 recording.

In a cloud IT organization, deep technical expertise is replaced with business savvy and your army of physical data center facility maintenance folks transforms into a much leaner layer of technical specialists. During that transition, new and essential roles can emerge: Data Scientists and Cloud-biz-ologists (Powerhouse Business Analysts). These roles better align IT with the needs of the business.

IT organizations now also require vendor managers who can vet vendors against business needs, such as performance, availability, security, cost, features and support.

Cloud adoption creates the opportunity for IT to transform, revise and renew…and to become true advisors to the business.

And be sure to join us next month when Rackspace Senior IT Strategist Rafat Shaheen and Rackspace Director of IT Production Support Stacy Williams showcase how to “Make it Rain” in the cloud through maximized ROI. Shaheen and Williams will teach you how enterprises leverage a cloud business model to boost ROI and why traditional models focused only on simple costs benefits often overlook the real value. They will discuss:

  • How ROI is different in the cloud
  • The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure your return on cloud
  • Integration of project based accounting for real-time ROI
  • The importance of agility, scalability and economy of scale
  • How to mitigate business challenges and risks with cloud computing

Click here to register for “Maximizing ROI in the Cloud.”

Matt Monteleone has served as a technology expert in the IT industry for the past 14 years. Matt joined Rackspace as a Solutions Engineer in March of 2008. In this role Matt has worked closely with Fortune 1000 customers to design enterprise architectures and deliver IT solutions that tightly align with the customer’s desired business goals. Matt joined the Advisory Services Team as a Sr. IT Strategist in July 2012, where he continues to provide technology consultation and industry expertise to enterprise customers. Matt received a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Vanderbilt University and worked for several years as a Field Engineer for Schlumberger Well Services in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. Prior to joining Rackspace, Matt worked as a Senior Systems Engineer for Cisco Systems in Austin, Texas.


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