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Resume Tip: Cover Letters Matter


Do you want your resume to get noticed? Few things stand out better than a well written, well thought out cover letter. Honestly, it doesn’t take long to write a solid cover letter and the potential payoff is well worth the small investment. We normally see a lot of resumes, but with today’s economic climate, we’re seeing HUNDREDS of them. (Yes, we are hiring!) Unfortunately, very few people bother to write a cover letter, and even fewer seem to have the time to spell-check or proof-read their letters.
Take an hour of your time to do some basic research on the company and tailor your cover letter to highlight relevant experience. Does the company to which you’re applying specialize in web-based application development? If so, then maybe you should point out your experiences with Javascript, .Net, Perl, PHP, Python, or Ruby. Take this opportunity to tell the company why you think you’re a good fit. Make us feel like you actually care about whether or not you get a job, and that you actually have something invested in the process.

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  • Dipesh Bhattarai

    Then, I should be at the top of the list.

  • Aakash Trivedi

    I completely agree! I want to be able to show that not only are my skills/experiences a great fit but my goals and enthusiasm fit exactly to make a great Racker! I have applied to job at two different locations but I cant seem to find a place in the application process to attache a cover letter. Does anyone an email address or a contact to send it ? I really really want to work for this company! I’m searching a lot on Linked in right now!

    • Andrew Hickey

      Hi Aakash,

      You can search and apply for jobs and find all of the information you need here:


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