Riverwalking Inside The Rackspace Cloud

ZZ2DE3F70B Destiny dictated that I’d leave a large tech company in contraction mode to begin with a smaller tech company in expansion mode — The Rackspace Cloud. I’ll be helping the team handle marketing, PR, and social media duties. sxsw-cool-hookah-chick-300x199 Of all places, I found my new employer at this SXSW Interactive party. My kind of company! A week later I was hired and the week after that I started. I’ve already made my first mistake (see first sentence). The Rackspace Cloud is not just a tech company, it’s a service company first and foremost. Technology matters huge, of course, but the focus on customer service buzzes you like an invisible force in the lobby before you enter the office. Zzzt! Those who know Rackspace know they’ve trademarked their focus: Fanatical Support®. It’s what they provide on top of the technology that sets Rackspace apart.

IMG_1237As my luck would continue, my first Friday inside The Rackspace Cloud was a company-scheduled offsite. Lots of companies stage off-sites as a way to team-build, get out of the office and interact with your co-workers in a different environment. The Rackspace Cloud offices happen to be in downtown San Antonio, Texas, home of the famed Alamo and Riverwalk. In fact, the office is adjacent to the Riverwalk. What better place to stage your offsite than the most visited spot in the state of Texas on a perfect Spring day?  ShanonIMG_1220

We broke into teams and were given a list of scavenger hunt-type questions. We ran around looking for landmarks and unusual things, taking pictures, meeting tourists and people working the Riverwalk tourist trade. I got to know several of my new colleagues as we grappled with our tasks. Back in the office, each team quickly loaded photos onto a new website using The Rackspace Cloud products, Cloud Sites™, Cloud Files™ Cloud Files (with built-in CDN capabilities), and Cloud Servers™.

Group shot Folks came to work that day knowing about the 9 a.m.-to-noon offsite but not knowing the assignment. By mid-afternoon, brand new websites including this one were created and hosted in the cloud almost instantly, loaded with self-generated, rich media content. They made it look impressively easy because it is easy. Silly easy. Well, with the Cloud technologies we used, it is easier than most people might think.

That’s Fanatical Support – complex stuff made easy for you so you can enjoy a fine Spring day on the Riverwalk.


Wonder what’ll happen next week!

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