ScaleXtreme: Rackspace Open Cloud Delivers Choice, Independence [VIDEO]

Filed in Partner & Customer Updates by Larry Meyer | August 8, 2012 2:00 pm

ScaleXtreme[1] offers monitoring and management software that integrates internal servers and Rackspace servers in a single pane view. As CEO and Co-Founder Nand Mulchandani pointed out, in ScaleXtreme’s software Rackspace servers look no different than internal servers, which gives the customers comfort and visibility while letting them control their servers in the same way.

Mulchandani said ScaleXtreme, which is using Rackspace Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack[2] and the new Rackspace Cloud Control Panel[3], turned to Rackspace for scalability and predictability, and the new features of the Rackspace open cloud[4] are a “big signal to us that the company is not standing still.”

In this video, Mulchandani talks about why ScaleXtreme runs the Rackspace open cloud and how the ecosystem of partners, tools and products foster interoperability and eliminate the threat of lock-in to give customer choice and independence.

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