ScribbleLive: Real-time Content Creation & Publishing

ScribbleLive meets the needs of media companies and companies that want to embrace real-time content creation and publishing with a robust and flexible platform that delivers timely and relevant content to attract and engage readers and customers. Driven by the growing demand for real-time news and event coverage, ScribbleLive has established itself as the market leader with a feature-rich platform that powers live blogging, real-time journalism and on-the-fly story telling.

“We saw the problems with existing content management systems. They were never going to keep up with the speed of social media,” says Michael De Monte, co-founder & CEO of ScribbleLive. “Our technology is allowing people in the news and media business to have that speed of social media, that connection to social media, and still empower journalists to create content in real time and publish it immediately.”

ScribbleLive, a privately owned company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was started in 2008 by Michael De Monte and Jonathan Keebler, who recognized there was a huge opportunity to create a new way to drive real-time publishing in a real-time world that would be easy to implement, operate and manage. Customers include many of the largest media companies such as Associated Press, Press Association, Agence France-Presse and Reuters.

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