Search All Your Rackspace Email on Your iPhone with reMail

Filed in by Cameron Nouri | December 16, 2009 3:14 pm

You know this situation: You’re traveling and you need to look up your flight confirmation, meeting time, or hotel reservation. All this information is in your email. We partnered up with the team at reMail[1] to offer Rackspace Email[2] customers a solution to this problem—and get a great deal at the same time!

[3]reMail is an iPhone application that downloads all your email to your phone and lets you search it instantly. If you’re a frequent traveler, having all your emails on your phone is a big deal: Your life is in your email. reMail puts all your email in your pocket.

reMail also offers the most powerful search features – much better than the iPhone’s built-in client: You can search for fields, use boolean operators, and type in “ste*” to find both “steve” and “stephen”.

And now reMail integrates with Rackspace Email. Rackspace customers can download reMail in the App Store[4] and add Rackspace Email support for $0.99 (instead of $3.99 for other types of email accounts).

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