Secure your servers for free with StillSecure’s Cloud SMS

    This is a guest post written and contributed by James Brown, CTO, StillSecure, a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner.

    Practically everyone  knows that security is the number one issue with moving more of an organization’s data and applications to the cloud.  While the cloud is open and elastic – it creates a whole new set of challenges for folks managing their cloud deployments and many IT executives are asking themselves the following: Will my applications and data be secure in the cloud? Will I be compliant with internal or external security policies? Will I need to hire security professionals to help me secure my cloud instances?

    With a long history in network security, StillSecure eats, breathes , and lives network security. A key part of our business is to work with service providers like Rackspace and enable them to deliver security solutions to their customers. As more of our partners and customers are adopting the cloud, StillSecure has been following that movement and has recently introduced a whole new category of cloud instance-based security or security for customers of IaaS providers. The solution, called Cloud Security Monitoring Service (Cloud SMS), is a new category of solutions from StillSecure for cloud users.

    Cloud SMS is an agent that sits on your cloud instances to monitor and prevent attacks. Initially, Cloud SMS will control your firewall and really strives to make it simple for every cloud instance to have a firewall turned on, policy in place, and reporting / statistics available. Installation of Cloud SMS is simple and so is the management – and, best of all, it is free to all Rackspace customers. Over time, StillSecure will offer additional pieces of security functionality and some of those will be premium offerings.

    Cloud SMS users can manage firewall rules and policies through an easy-to-use, simple Web-based interface. Cloud SMS is ideal for security novices who are just coming up to speed. Cloud SMS handles all of the details needed for identifying what ports need to be opened or closed – all you need to know is what you want to protect. You can even establish default policies for each type of cloud instance you want to deploy, and Cloud SMS will keep those in sync automatically.

    For those IT managers that are more advanced, Cloud SMS’ interface provides a graceful way to enable more sophisticated  functionality, saving security pros a great deal of time. The dashboard provides you with all of the stats and issues that you need to know every time you login. Detailed reporting can provide deeper statistics and the entire audit / change log history that is needed for the (dreaded)  auditor.

    Installation of Cloud SMS is easy. Simply sign-up and download the self-extracting agent installer. After installing the agent, simply add the cloud instance to your free user account via its IP address, and you’re ready to take full advantage of Cloud SMS.

    Every cloud instance should be secured. Cloud SMS makes it happen. Download Cloud SMS for free and protect your cloud!


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